Nightlife in Con Dao

If you are looking for flashy night clubs, don’t include Con Dao in your Vietnam tour package. The point is that you probably won’t be expecting such things because the attraction of Con Dao is the place itself, the opportunity to relax, enjoy water sports or the natural environment perhaps?

nightlife in con dao

As Con Dao becomes more popular with overseas visitors there will be development but it seems unlikely that anyone will look to open anything other than a nice bar or restaurant where visitors can enjoy themselves in the evening. There is too much to enjoy once the sun rises again to spoil it with too late a night.

Many visitors to the islands will simply enjoy the facilities within their own resort at night time. Those who want to venture out have the choice of a few bars and restaurants as an alternative.  Bar 200 in Pham Van Dong Street near to the town market is popular for its range of western food, beers and cocktails as well as great music. It stays open until late after having opened to serve breakfasts at 7.30am. Infiniti is another place where the cocktails are popular. It is where Pham Van Dong meets Tran Huy Luu.

Con Dao is essentially a place to relax, especially after a busy tour around the country. A cold beer, glass of wine or a cocktail is quiet surroundings is usually good enough after a nice dinner because there is always the next day to look forward to.

A Vietnam travel agent will be happy to prepare a Vietnam holiday itinerary to suit your tastes. It is unlikely that a night club on Con Dao will be one of them. There will be plenty of time for them once you get back home from your holiday in Vietnam.