Exploring Con Son Island, Con Dao Islands in Vietnam tour

Exploring Con Son Island, Con Dao Islands in Vietnam tour

Con Son Island, the main island of the Con Dao Archipelago is compact and perfect for exploration by bicycle if you're energetic or by motorbike. There are, for now at least, few cars and trucks on the island.

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Some of the nicest things about being on Con Dao's Con Son Island are its compact size, sparse population, rich natural forest cover, white sandy beaches, rocky headlands and some of Vietnam's best roads - minus traffic. So get on your motorbike or bicycle and get exploring.

There's plenty of enjoyable easy cycling near town. If you want to cycle the whole island, be ready for some pretty challenging hills. Otherwise there are motorcycles for hire for visiting more distant parts.

There are some great little beaches that are usually safe for swimming. They're usually deserted too though so be careful.

There's not a whole lot to see at the main port but it's worth a look when the fishing boats are preparing to head out for the night.