Da Lat Wine

Da Lat Wine

Unlike its more sophisticated brethren in France, Northern California or South Africa, Vang Dalat ( Dalat red wine) uses table grapes from nearby Phan Rang - a Vietnam's main grape-growing region. According to Nguyen Van Viet who has been with his wine company since 1999 explains that Vietnam has a limited history with wine. The French introduced an elite wine culture pre-1954, and during the past decade, because of the improvement in living standards, more people fond of traveling overseas and being exposed to foreign wines.

With this in mind, Viet considered how Vang Dalat could produce a European-style wine similar to traditional Vietnamese wines that any family could afford. Nowaday, his company produces 1.5 million liters of wine a year, including a Superior Red (all grape, 11% alcohol), Strong Red (grape/mulberry blend, 16% alcohol) and even a sparkling white, etc.

In the meantime, Vang Dalat is just one more good reason to visit Vietnam. If you travel to Dalat, we recommend dinner at Maison Long Hoa, a genteel establishment run by a Vietnamese Francophile. Classical rather than tinny pop plays over the stereo, hearty Vietnamese food offers comfort against the chill outside, along with the strawberry wine made by the owner's wife.

Dalat wine
Showroom of Dalat wine
Add: 3 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia St, Dalat city.
Showroom of Beco wine
Add: kiosque 1, Hoa Binh square, Dalat city.
Showroom of Vinh Tien wine
Add: 1 Le Hong Phong St, Dalat city.

Can Wine
Cao Nguyen Can wine
Add: 28 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St, Dalat city.
Specialties shops
Add: Dalat market

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