Tea and coffee in Dalat

Tea and coffee in Dalat

Dalat coffee which was not only famous in the country but also over the world. In the opinion of coffee experts, nowhere in Vietnam have better quality coffee than Dalat coffee thanks to characteristics of a particular area (Altitude, fog, soil, temperature ...). And how can you know coffee kind you enjoy is pure organic coffee which is beneficial for your health, your life, and your beauty? Buy some coffee or tea and you'll have the best answer.

* In Dalat:

Olong tea:
Showroom of HaiYih tea
Add: on Pham Ngu Lao St, Dalat city.
Showroom of Tam Chau tea
Add: 2 Tran Nha Tong St, Dalat city.
Artichoke tea and herbal tea

L’ang Farm
Add: Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St, Dalat city
Shop of Lamdong Medicine Company
Add: Hoa Binh St, Dalat city
Showroom of Ngoc Duy tea
Add: 6 Tang Bat Ho St, Dalat city.
Showroom of Vinh Tien tea
Add: 1 Le Hong Phong St, Dalat city.

Cau Dat tea
Add: Phat Chi hamlet, Xuan Truong village, Dalat city.

Le Ky coffee
Add: Phan Dinh Phuong St, Dalat city
Hoa Binh square, Dalat city
Long Trieu coffee
Add: 5ª Le Lai St, Dalat city

Boss coffee
Add: 1C Nguyen Khuyen St, Dalat city.

* In Bao Loc:
Showroom Tam Chau company
Add: 294A Tran Phu St, ward 1, Bao Loc city.
Showroom of Tram Anh tea
Add: 807 Tran Phu St, Bao Loc city.

Lamdong tea company
Add: 01 Quang Trung St, Bao Loc city.

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