Recommended restaurants in Da Lat

The temperate climate of the Central Highlands means that there are several kinds of fruit and vegetables grown here that are not available elsewhere in Vietnam, at least not straight from the fields. That is reflected in the cuisine. This is an area where tea and coffee are grown while cauliflowers, cabbage, asparagus and artichokes are regular in the markets. It is interesting to visit local markets but if you are on a Vietnam family vacation you are more likely to sample these things in a restaurant. There are plenty worth a visit with Nguyen Chi Thanh Street andthe banks of Ho Xuan Huong Lake places where you are likely to see somewhere you like:

restaurants in da lat

•    100 Roofs’ appeal includes the rooftop where there are great views over the City. The Market is 100 metres away and it is in the midst of small shop-houses.

•    Art Café offers Vietnamese food in a slightly formal atmosphere. The owner is an artist and the décor includes much of his work. The menu is extensive ranging from spring rolls to meat and vegetarian dishes.

•    Au Lac 1 is an inexpensive vegetarian and vegan restaurant. There is an English menu and many of the options are precooked and on display.

•    Café de la Poste is across the road from the main post office next to the Sofitel. It specialises in French cuisine but is not too expensive. The setup is typically French and there is an excellent selection of French wine. It is especially famous for its Sunday brunch.

•    Da Quy is a small Vietnamese cuisine restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of specialities; shrimp with tamarind sauce and chilli, Vietnamese hotpot and fresh spring rolls are typical examples. There is local wine as a good accompaniment to the food.

•    Le Rabelais is a French restaurant located in the historical Da Lat Palace Hotel that was built in1922. The restaurant is gained a reputation as one of the best in the whole of Vietnam. This is fine dining in lovely surroundings. Dishes definitely worth a try are steamed lobster in chili orange sauce and grilled shrimp with creamy leek and vanilla sauce. There is a strict dress code incidentally. If you are on a Vietnam honeymoon vacation, perhaps this is the treat you deserve?

•    The Peace Café is well- known with travellers to Da Lat because of its convenient location next to the Peace Hotel and the popular restaurant, the Art Café. It is not fancy a fancy but the homemade Vietnamese food comes at reasonable prices.

•    Stop and Go Cafe is a combination of a café, antiques shop and art gallery. The food is simple Vietnamese dishes, pastries and variety of coffee and teas. It is owned by a very famous local man, Duy Viet. He is a poet and orchid gardener, formerly a journalist, teacher, political activist and mayor of the City. In many ways, he is the main attraction.

•    The Bluewater, a local favourite with great food; Vietnamese, Chinese and Western. It overlooks Xuan Huong Lake so the view alone is worth the price which in fact is usually reasonable although some dishes are expensive.

•    V Café is an all-day dining cafe owned by an American-Vietnamese couple. There are homemade Vietnamese dishes as well as Western food like steaks, pizza, burgers, roast pork, tacos, soups and lemon meringue. Vegetarian dishes are also available. It has live music, free Wi-Fi and a pool table. Xuan Huong Lake is about 200 metres away down Bui Thi Xuan Street and is a definite place to go if you are in Vietnam with kids.