Things to do in Da Lat

The Central Highlands of Vietnam were selected by the French as an area to find relief from the heat at lower levels. The French recognised the similarity between their Alps and the Lang Biang Highlands and readily spent time there. It is an option that you can take in your Vietnam travel package whether you are travelling north to south or in the opposite direction. The focal point of the Highlands is the city of Da Lat and it has become increasingly popular with tourists on a Vietnam family vacation.

The architecture is in the style of the colonialists with places such as the Da Lat Railway Station designed by famous French architects, Reveron and Moncet. There are many things to do in Vietnam and exploring Da Lat is certainly among them.It has a lovely climate and is ideal for a Vietnam honeymoon vacation.

Da Lat is regarded as the honeymoon capital of Vietnam, largely due to the Vallee d’Amour (the Valley of Love) which is a very romantic setting visited by locals and tourists alike. It contains the Da Thien Lake, a manmade lake dating back to the early 1970s. Just 4 kilometres from the city centre, there are many trails that you can follow and the chance to sail on the Lake, go horse riding and take a jeep safari.

things to do in da lat

The natural environment is compelling:

•    Xuan Huong Lake is in the very heart of Da Lat. It is manmade, a creation of the French in the 1930s and given its current name in 1953 in honour of a female poet from the 19th Century.

•    Lake of Sorrow is just 5 km from Da Lat on the Ho Xuan Huong Road

•    Lang Biang is a 1,900-metre mountain that anyone who enjoys hiking and climbing will find a great attraction. It will take about 3 hours.

•    Prenn and Pongour Falls are other lovely destinations for those who enjoy a walk. You can make your way down canyons by any means possible including abseiling, swimming, jumping and zip lining.

If you prefer to get around quicker than you can on foot, you should hire a motorcycle, get a map and instructions and set off.  Alternatively, or as well, there is a cable car ride over the hills. It is almost 2.5 kilometres long and there are great views and photo opportunities if you pick a clear day.

The local market is surely worth a visit? The climate is ideal for the produce of a temperate climate, vegetables such as cabbage and cauliflower. The fruits available at the market include strawberries and avocado. In addition, the flowers grown in Da Lat and the surrounding region are stunning; hydrangea and golden everlasting are typical and have earned Da Lat the name of ‘’City of Flowers.’’

If you want to get a real appreciation of all that Vietnam has to offer, you should spend a little time in the Central part of the Country, and if you do so, Da Lat is a great base for your time there.