Danang- destination for honeymooners and beach breaks

Vietnam has an extensive coastline, well over 3,000 kilometres and few stretches are nicer than the area around Danang in Central Vietnam where the lovely beaches are great for those on a Vietnam holiday. If you are looking for your dream location, look no further; a Vietnam honeymoon vacation is a great way to start married life and Danang deserves consideration. You may want a Vietnam travel package covering the whole of the Country but stay awhile in Danang.

holiday in da nang

Danang has an international airport as well as good domestic connections with Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi where most Vietnam itineraries start. The overland routes, road and rail, are excellent as well so why not pick Danang as a place to spend some time? There are lovely beach resorts that offer comfortable and every facility. Often the beach is just a few metres away with the resort having its own private beach. Here are some to look at:

•    Vinpearl Da Nang Villas on Non Nuoc Beach
•    InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort
•    Naman Retreat on Non Nuoc Beach
•    Hyatt Regency Danang Resort and Spa on Non Nuoc Beach
•    Pullman Danang Beach Resort on My Khe Beach
•    Fusion Maia Danang on My Khe Beach
•    Furama Resort Danang on My Khe Beach

Each of these resorts is at least 4-star and has all the amenities you would expect of quality accommodation, ranging from well-equipped rooms to bars and restaurants, spa and leisure facilities.  Few settings are as romantic as a sunset as the sun sinks below the horizon. You can enjoy a drink before dinner with all these resorts offering excellent cuisine using the fresh produce of the region. The seafood could not be better or fresher.

A nice suntan is always the mark of a good holiday and there is plenty of sun on this coast, especially between May and August. The sea is warm throughout the year and water sports offer an alternative to merely sunbathing or swimming. Tourist number have been growing year on year and the infrastructure has developed to reflect that increase.

It would be a shame not to see a little of the immediate area even if your first ‘’love’’ is the beach. There are day tours which will allow you to see the great natural environment as well as to meet the local people. Outside the city, you are in the countryside which has largely been unaffected by the increase in tourism. It has to be remembered that this region was one of fierce fighting during the struggles of the last century; the conflict with the French to gain independence and more recently, the Vietnam War. Happily, all is now peaceful but there are some historical sites where you can be reminded of previous struggles.

Danang is a great place to relax and during a hectic schedule, a short break is often a great way to recharge your batteries before the next leg of your holiday. Take that opportunity.

Danang- destination for honeymooners and beach breaks Articles