Places to Visit in Danang

Despite being the third largest city in Danang, this central Vietnam city has neither Hanoi’s atmosphere nor the hectic lifestyle of Ho Chi Minh City. It is however ideally located for those on Vietnam tour packages wanting to see the ancient imperial capital of Hue, the important trading port of the Champa Kingdom, Hoi An, and to enjoy the lovely coastline of Vietnam. It was a centre of action during the Vietnam War but after peace was announced, Danang has steadily grown so that now its population exceeds a million. You should visit the region during your Vietnam holiday tour.The transport infrastructure is excellent and it is easy to get around the area.

places to visit in danang

•    Cham Museum was founded by the French in 1915 and includes exhibits from the Cham Kingdom which dates back to the early centuries AD and survived until the 14th Century. There are many sandstone sculptures, some in poor condition it has to be said but the quality of these Hindu images can still be appreciated.

•    The Marble Mountains are just a few kilometres from the City. Thuy Son (Mountain of Water), Hoa Son (Mountain of Fire), Tho Son (Mountain of Earth), the largest, Kim Son (Mountain of Metal) and Moc Son (Mountain of Wood) are the notable mountains. This is a popular pilgrimage area with several temples within caves and grottoes. You will have some walking to do to fully appreciate the mountains.

•    The beaches are excellent; My Khe, Non Nuoc and Pham Van Dong have all become major tourist attractions. Son Tra Peninsula is a great place to relax and soak up the sun.  Linh Ung Buddhist Temple is a recent build on the southern side of Son Tra Mountain and provides great views and the chance to see the 67-metre-high statue of "Quan The Am."

•    Ba Na Hill Station to the west of Danang is almost 1,500 metres above sea level. It was a French colonial resort which afforded a cool place for the French and wealthy Vietnamese. There is a cable car system, both high and long and the views from the top are truly spectacular.

•    Cham Island is accessed from the harbour near Cua Dai Beach. There is Hai Tang Pagoda, a local market and plenty of time for swimming and snorkelling.

•    Dragon Bridge on the Han River has a giant metal dragon built into it. It changes colour and night while at weekends it blows fire and water.

•    Hai Van Pass is a mountainous stretch of road connecting Hue and Danang. There is now a tunnel meaning that little traffic follows its route which is truly spectacular. It would be a shame to miss it and you will certainly avoid any crowds on this part of your Vietnam tour. Centuries ago it was a natural boundary between the Cham Kingdom and the Dai Vietto the north while during the Vietnam War it was a particularly dangerous route. Few ocean roads anywhere in the world are so spectacular so make sure your Vietnam travel agent includes it in your itinerary.