Things to do in Da Nang

While Danang is a fairly large city with a population exceeding 1 million, there is much to do in the region; Vietnam’s beautiful natural environment is no distance away. Indeed, the beaches are right there. Every Vietnam tour package should include some time relaxing by the coast so make sure you ask your Hanoi travel agency to include some time on the beach; there is plenty of choice around Danang both to simply swim and sunbathe or enjoy water sports such as surfing or snorkelling. Some of the best beaches on Vietnam’s extensive coastline that stretches well over 3,000 kilometres are in Danang.

hai van pass

There are local tours that you can arrange or have them pre-booked in your Vietnam tour itinerary. Danang deserves some of your time during your Vietnam holiday packages are here are a few ideas of what you can do:

•    The cuisine throughout Vietnam is excellent, everything from what vendors sell fresh in the streets to lovely cafes and restaurants. When you are close to the coast, the seafood could not be any fresher so make sure you try something from the rich variety on offer.

•    The popularity of golf throughout Asia has grown in recent years. Vietnam is becoming an increasingly important destination for golf and you will be able to play while you are in Danang. Danang Golf Club and the Montgomerie Links have earned immediate recognition from beyond Vietnam’s borders despite being relatively new.  Links courses where the wind can be a challenge are the true form of golf; the strips of land between the sea and agricultural land provide a real test.

•    Motorbikes are available for hire and the roads off the main highway are fairly quiet. Indeed, there is the sunning Hai Van Pass en route to Hue which may have none at all because of the recent construction of a tunnel. The views are spectacular. You will be able to get plenty of advice on the places you should see then it is up to you.

•    Exploration in general brings rich reward. The Marble Mountains and its many natural and manmade (temples) features are lovely and you will get the best experience if you are fit enough to hike through the region.

•    The Danang International Firework Festival is an annual event and if you are on a Vietnam family vacation when it is on, then the kids may well regard it as the highlight of their trip. It takes place over several weeks with teams from several different countries providing displays. Over 2 million visitors come to Danang during the weeks of the Festival during which time other festivals are arranged to entertain visitors.  

•    Danang is a great place to enjoy spa and massage. It is a Vietnamese tradition and a great way to refresh yourself after a busy day. There are plenty of places offering their services beyond the top hotels.

Danang has good transport links north and south by land or air and with so much to do, it would be a shame not to include it in your itinerary.