Attractions in Ha Giang

10 wonderful places to visit in Ha Giang
In addition to the triangle flower circuit, visitors to Ha Giang should not overlook the beautiful landscape that characterizes this rocky plateau.

places to visit in ha giang

Bac Sum Slope with rolling hills and mountains throughout the year covered by mist, having limited visibility. This is probably the challenge and also the first highlight for visitors. The route is associated with the phrase "North Sum North, Lien Tung, Dong Van."

Co Tien mountain, a famous place in Quan Ba, is located on 4C street to Dong Van and about 40 km from Ha Giang city. You have to climb to the point of view to see the panoramic view of Quan Ba ​​and Cua Tien mountaintop from above.

Yen Minh pine forest is the next place, about 100 km from Ha Giang city. Here, with straight lines, straight from the road to the hills and mountains will be the ideal shooting location.

Through Yen Minh and Pho Cáo, you come to Lung Cam valley, which lies in the middle of the forest. This is home to the ancient walls of the Mongolian plateau, is also the context in the movie "Pao's story." The area was planned with many triangular flower fields and houses in the cultural village of Lung Cam tourism. Tickets are 10,000 VND per person.

Vuong Palace is also an unforgettable place in the Sa Phin valley. With a unique architecture, this is the highlight of the rocky mountains of the cat ears.

The jungle forest along the winding road in Ma Le commune will make visitors not surprised by the beauty of the frontier country. This is the route leading you to the north pole in Lung Cu.
10 wonderful scenery in Ha Giang

Climbing hundreds of stairs to the summit of the Dragon Mountain and salutes under the red flag of the golden star that will be an experience not to be missed. On top of this you can also enjoy the panoramic view of majestic mountains and mountains, where the headland of the North.

Coffee Shop at the ancient town of Dong Van is situated in the middle of the valley, surrounded by four rocky mountains. An ancient, tranquil yet intimate destination with the unique culture of Ha Giang rocky mountains, which visitors can not miss.

Dong Van market on Sunday morning. The market is right next to the old town of Dong Van. Visiting, cultural exchange with ethnic people and do not forget to enjoy the typical dishes, folk here.

Ma Phi Leng Pass, also called Happiness Road, connects Dong Van and Meo Vac. This is the most beautiful and famous street of the rocky plateau. The feeling of driving between the majestic space, the difference between the rocky side of a deep pool and Nho Que river will be a memorable experience.

Dong Van rocky terrain with majestic rocky terrain and multicultural experience is always an attractive destination for visitors.