Best time to visit Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a land of tourism - where many famous tourist attractions are popular. The land is associated with historical monuments and scenic spots. For those who have never been to Ha Giang, it is recommended to read our "best time to visit Ha Giang" to admire the beauty of this land.

best time to visit ha giang

To get the most perfect Ha Giang tour, admire the beauty here, you need to be prepared carefully about the time, destination and how to go. Choosing the right time to go is the most important thing because if you are not on the right time, you will not enjoy the beauty of the place.

Around the beginning of spring, come to Ha Giang, you will discover the traditional festivals here. It is a time for those who enjoy exploring the cultural festivals of Ha Giang  such as buffalo fighting festival, horse racing festival, which attract tourists from many places to come here.

Around March, is the most beautiful time of Ha Giang with peach-plum orchards blooming full of spring. Plum forest - peach blossom pink and white flowers as a watercolor painting, will be a time for young people love to explore, for couples who are getting married to the most beautiful wedding photos. It would be great if you spend some time together with Ha Giang in March.

In April, Ha Giang has a big festival that is Khau Vai love market . Come to Khau Vai love market in April to learn more about a special culture of Ha Giang. A bustling atmosphere with crowded people attending the festival. Come here, you will see the beauty of the humanity of the love market Khau Vai, the image of the guys and girls chatting, sharing the story of life. The festival is a short time for lovers who could not have a perfect ending, they meet once a year at the market.

And you will be witnessed a fascinating Ha Giang in the " flooding season"  in May and June. At this time, Ha Giang is beautiful and charming with images of winding terraces to welcome water from the mountain peaks. This is also the time when people start to prepare for the new season. Visitors here will be mixed with the bustling atmosphere of the people who are working int the fields in a cheerful mood.

In August and September, you will regret if not going to Ha Giang at this time when you will admire the terraces with a yellow color of rice.

October to November is the time when Buckwheat flowers blossom with a violet color throughout the hillsides, the foot of the mountain as a purple carpet spread. A violet purple, romantic harmony with the cold air here.

After the Buckwheat flower season , you will witness the splendid yellow flowers season in December. Broccoli blooms, spreads a brilliant yellow color, you come here to capture beautiful and romantic moments. This is also the cold weather, you will feel the cold of this land, touched the mist under the slopes and mountains.

Coming to Ha Giang, you should not miss some famous tourist sites: Dong Van stone plateau , Lung Cu flag pole , Ma Phi Leng Pass, Vuong royal residence, Quan Ba ​​heaven gate, etc.

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