Hotels in Dong Van Ha Giang

Dong Van rocky plateau of Ha Giang is a rocky mountain region blessed with majestic and magnificent scenery. This place is rich in culture. Dong Van has been attracting a large number of tourists to explore in recent years.

In the tourist season, hotels in Dong Van are overloaded. In order to have a detailed plan to explore this vast and mysterious land, tourists should take a look at our hotel list in Dong Van.

hotels in dong van

1. Lam Tung Hotel
Lam Tung hotel is located in the center of Dong Van town, about 30 meters from Dong Van Ancient Market, about 10 meters from Dong Van New Market, about 27 meters from Dong Van Post Office.

From the hotel you can walk to visit the ancient town of Dong Van, relics Cao, Thien Huong Cultural Village easily.

Also about 20 minutes by car from the hotel to Vietnam's most imposing Palace is Ma Leng. It takes about 20 minutes to visit the the Vuong residence. Take about 35 minutes to Lung Cu flag tower, the sacred land north of the country.

The hotel is built with 9 floors, with elevator, parking, free wifi, and a place to serve the unique food of ethnic people here.

Located in the system of Dong Van stone plateau, Lam Tung has 34 rooms with luxurious furniture, full of amenities, warm and elegant decoration will make you feel really comfortable, convenient and pleased by the professionalism, hospitality and friendliness of the hotel staff.

2. Hoang Ngoc Hotel
With a beautiful location, right in the heart of Dong Van town, Hoang Ngoc Hotel with 100% of rooms have a nice view, of which 70% of the rooms have balconies, wide windows which are ideal place to rest. From the hotel you can walk to the central market and the old town.

Particularly, it is also very convenient for visitors to visit tourist sites such as Lung Cu flag pole (24 km), Vuong relic house (13 km), Ma Lung (16 km), Meo district Vac (24 km) and go to Khau Vai love market.

Hoang Ngoc Hotel with modern 5-storey building and fully equipped rooms.

3. Hoa Cuong Hotel
Hoa Cuong hotel is located at the center of the ancient town of Dong Van district.

The hotel was inaugurated and came into operation in early 2015 (The most modern hotel in Ha Giang province).

With 9 floors, 82 bedrooms including: (58 double rooms, 7 triple rooms, 15 double rooms, 2 VIP rooms) are equipped with modern facilities such as 40 "Samsung TV with Internet connection and Connection to MyTV television service, free Wifi connection. The hotel is equipped with two elevators, two stairs, fire safety system for guests. In addition, the hotel also features modern glass-walled bathrooms. Korean blanket, pillow padding Korea to provide customers with a spacious space, fully furnished when coming to the Stone Highlands.

In addition, the hotel also has a spacious dining room, serving up to 300 guests, where events, conferences, seminars, weddings, banquets are held.

4. Khai Hoan Hotel
Khai Hoan Hotel is located in the center of Dong Van town which is a familiar place for tourists when visiting Dong Van - Ha Giang.

The hotel has 25 rooms with single, double, triple rooms. From the hotel, you can walk to Dong Van Ancient Town within 3 minutes. Or move to the famous tourist spots of Ha Giang such as the palace of the Vuong, Lung Cu flag pole, Ma Pi Leng, Pho Pho or Vice Table.

5. Xuan Thu Guesthouse
Xuan Thu Guest House is located next to Dong Van New Market, the commercial center of Dong Van District. From Xuan Thu guest house, go to Dong Van ancient town, just 2 minutes walk, go to Cao Van vestige monument, panoramic Dong Van valley.

Xuan thu guesthouse has a total of 09 rooms including:

03 rooms 02 beds 1.4 meters
06 rooms 02 beds 1.6 meters

6. Thai Thinh Hostel
Thai Thinh Hostel is located in the heart of Dong Van Old Town, with full facilities: internet, hot and cold, cable TV .

Spacious space, suitable as a getaway after exploring the Ha Giang rock plateau.

In addition, other guesthouses in Dong Van can be other choices for visitors such as:

+ Gia Linh Guesthouse
+ Hai Hien Guesthouse
+ Thien Huong Hostel
+ Gia Bao motel
+ Binh An Guesthouse

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