The Happiness Road in Ha Giang

Happiness road in Ha Giang 185 km long, running through the Dong Van stone plateau, Ha Giang. If you talk about the history of this road, perhaps hundreds of pages can not be told. Because it was formed by the hands of more than 1,300 men and women volunteers from 6 provinces of Viet Nam and two delta provinces (Nam Dinh, Hai Duong) and more than 1,000 people of 16 ethnic groups on the rocky plateau embarked on Mountains open the way within 7 years.

happy road in ha giang

With extremely rudimentary labor equipment, hoes, shovels, sledgehammers, crowbar, wheelbarrow ... in extremely difficult working conditions, food shortages, salt deficiency, lack of water, Lack of green vegetables, struggling with the harsh climates of the highlands, hot summer like roasted, winter cold cuts cut meat, sometimes the temperature drops below zero, ice water ice, thousands of people Plunge into the chisel of the road.

To make that road 14 workers, young volunteers have permanently laid down the road with rocks. Therefore, after the completion of the path of happiness of all people, the road named "Happiness", a happiness from the blood and bones of thousands of thousands of workers and young people. Style dating from 50 - 60 centuries ago. Not only "happy" by the effort to make the road that thanks to that road Ha Giang land and thousands of people here are no longer isolated as before, although poor but all aspects of life such as: Education, health, schools, utilities, and people's lives are gradually growing. It is a way to brighten the future of many children now and forever.

The Road to Happiness is not only worth it, this is also the road that those who love adventure, exploring the desire to visit is to admire the beauty of nature in the land of the country. .

The Road to Happiness brings a change of beauty in each season. In the winter, the road is grayish black patches of clouded sky, misty mist. In the summer, the road glows with the sunbeds of the dawn on the rocky plateau or the rainbow after the sudden rain. From September to November, this road diminishes visitors by the yellow rice season, purple pink of the buckwheat flowers and wild daisy flowers.

Happiness Road starts from Ha Giang City with milestone Km 0. The first 20 km of the road is relatively flat, we will meet the Pass Gate - Quan Ba ​​heaven. Pass with a large slope to make cars have to crawl up. Standing on the Gate of Heaven, you will see the wealthy Tam Son town stretching out in the heart of the valley and Nui Doi - the twin mountain.

Going down the steep slopes, you will enter the more picturesque area of Ha Giang, the road is meandering. The mountains dotted with few villages. Going on this road, tourists will see how is life.

Continue to the town of Dong Van, famous for its stone houses over a century, famous for its weekend market and old market. Dong Van is the base to visit The Vuong palace, Lung Cu national flag tower.

Reach Meo Vac, you will see the market and the sound of cattle, horses on the road. Touching the milestone of 185 Km is also when the journey with the path of Happiness is complete.

But whoever comes here will surely come back by its appeal. The charm of the Happiness Road in Ha Giang with its charming surroundings, the fascination of the crags along the way, etc.

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