Recommended restaurants in Halong

Halong City is an important commercial port in the north of Vietnam and it has been further boosted by tourism with an increasing number of overseas visitors booking Vietnam itinerary. One of the things that is inevitably included is a Halong cruise. The much-photographed Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage site and Halong City provides a gateway. Those who want an early start on to a boat in the morning often decide to stay in the City the night before. As a result, there are an increasing number of good hotels and restaurants to meet the demand. When it comes to restaurants, here are a few to consider:

recommended restaurants in halong

•    Cua Vang Restaurant in Bai Chay is a great place to enjoy the local seafood. CuaVang means ‘’Golden Crab.’’ Everything is cooked in a clay pan which helps to retain all the flavor of the food. Seafood is not the only thing on the menu but it would be a shame not to eat its special, a recipe passed down through the generations.

•    1958 Restaurant is a fairly new restaurant opened by Paradise Suites. It serves typical North Vietnamese cuisine centred of course on seafood that could not be any fresher. Squid, clams and jellyfish are used for some of its starters while main courses will also include beef and pork.

List of other recommended restaurants in Halong city:

•    Linh Dan Restaurant
•    Yolo Beer Club
•    Hong Hanh Restaurant
•    Hoang Quan Restaurant
•    Wander Station Restaurant
•    Golden Sand Restaurant
•    Phuong Vy Restaurant
•    BMC Hai Au Restaurant

This part of Vietnam’s northeast coast is ideal for inclusion on a Vietnam luxury tour and a Vietnam travel agent will be more than happy to make all the arrangements down to booking a good restaurant for your evening in Halong City.

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