Best Massage in Hanoi

Asian massage is seen in most parts of the world as relaxing as well as invigorating. In Hanoi, there are foot massages for as little as $5, a great relief after walking all day perhaps? At the other end of the scale, there are luxury spa offering a range of massages. Many are based in the luxury hotels in Hanoi and an hour of massage costs many times more. A Hanoi travel guide gives information on every aspect of the City and the best Hanoi tours will provide comprehensive coverage of those aspects.

best massage in hanoi

A couple of budget places are certainly worth considering. Firstly, Yakushi Centre off Xuan Dieu Street has become increasingly popular with ex pats so booking is important, especially for evenings and weekends. Huong Sen has 5 branches but nothing is private. If you are shy, go elsewhere. Otherwise, strip off, shower then enjoy a hot tub, jacuzzi and sauna before the massage itself.  

When it comes go the best massage in Hanoi clearly the expensive places are most likely to win the day, yet that should not preclude anyone from trying a massage, especially if they have not done so before. Here are a few ideas for you to look at, and a Hanoi travel agent will offer further advice if you want it. It would be a shame not to have a single massage while you are in Hanoi.

•    SF Spa on Cua Dong has a welcoming environment and private rooms. It is clean, with private lockers. You are likely to see leaflets around the City for both this branch and a second one just to the north of the lake.

•    Day Spa in Nghi Tam is welcoming, clean and definitely good value. It is close enough to many hotels to be easily accessible to most visitors to Hanoi. Try the hot stone foot massage and you’ll walk well the next day as you continue to explore Hanoi.

•    Masage Dai Cat specialises with foot massaging but try more; start with the feet but get a shoulder and back massage as well; you’ll easily be able to afford the whole lot.

•    Thu Cuc near Truc Bach Lake offers a good range and it includes a simple massage.

•    Hidden Hanoi off Nghi Tam has a long room divided by curtains where there are a variety of treatments. Take your pick!

•    La Siesta is quite expensive but is worth considering. There are two locations, one in the Hanoi Elegance Hotel and one in La Siesta.

•    The Metropole Legend Hotel has La Spa which is top of the range, but why not treat yourself?

•    Zen Spa in West Lake offers a range of massages with ‘’Himalaya Salt and Negative Ion Therapy’’, ‘’Lotus’’ or ‘’The Moment of Zen Escape’’ among the alternatives. The latter lasts 5 hours!!

•    Midori Spa in Hoan Kiem offers plenty of choice. It employs visually impaired staff, everyone excellent at providing good massages.

•    Vi Spa 2 is another option, centrally located in Hoan Kiem. You may even get a complimentary taxi home.

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