Best Restaurants in Hanoi

One of the many things to do in Hanoi is to eat the street food. Busy vendors use the freshest of produce so food does not get healthier. The narrow streets of the Old City of Hanoi are a great place to buy some food and sit on a plastic chair to watch people going about their daily lives. However, it is also nice to sit down in a quality restaurant away from the bustle and take your time over a sumptuous lunch or dinner. Every major city, and Hanoi certainly falls into this category, has cuisine from all over the world but if you are in Hanoi, why would you want an Italian pasta or a steak? Perhaps you might and you will find them but this article is concentrating on authentic Vietnamese food.

 best restaurants in hanoi

Here are a few ideas of places that you may find in a Hanoi travel guide for you to consider for that meal.

•    Wild Rice (La Lua) Restaurant is in the old colonial quarter in a building that reflects the time when the French were in Hanoi. However, internally it is very modern and stylish. It has a typical Vietnamese menu, with all the favourites in that cuisine.

•    Le Tonkin is in a colonial villa in the French Quarter. It offers a peaceful environment away from the city’s bustle and the chance to sample several different courses in a single sitting.

•    Seasons Restaurant is another in a colonial building close to many of the City’s attractions. Once again you will find the best of Vietnamese food which is surely your priority when you take Hanoi tours?

•    Home Vietnamese Restaurant offers dining, indoor or out in a former colonial villa. It has a comprehensive Vietnamese menu and welcomes diners for lunch as well as dinner with subtle live background music to add to the atmosphere.

•    Ngon Villa Restaurant in Hoan Kiem is a great place to dine outdoors, weather permitting. It provides a relaxing atmosphere and great food that will match anything on your tours in Hanoi.

•    The Forest House of Rustic Charm in Tay Ho provides the authentic experience its name suggests. Great for lunch or dinner, to be certain of a table make a booking.

•    Duong’s Restaurant & Cooking Class is in the Old City. You will certainly enjoy your meal there and if you have time it might inspire you to go alone for a cookery lesson later.

•    JW Café in the JW Marriott in Do Duc Street serves great Phu Bo which you can eat as you gaze out on to the lake.

•    The Hung Snake Restaurant in Long Bien just outside Hanoi may not be everyone’s idea of a great dining experience but those who go there regularly give top marks for the unique experience.

•    Red Bean Trendy Restaurant in Hoan Kiem opens for breakfast and provides authentic cuisine throughout the day until late evening.

There are plenty more offering a great dining experience which is one of the real pleasures in the City. A travel agent in Hanoi may recommend more.

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