Recommended restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is a dynamic city blessed with plenty of fabulous restaurants that serve traditional Vietnamese to European cuisine. They combine the skilfully prepared dishes with diligent service, stunning views, a pleasant ambiance, and can easily feature on a day trip organized by a Vietnam travel company.

recommended restaurants in ho chi minh city

Here are some of the best restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City to give the fine dining experience:

Com Niêu Sài Gòn
A visit to the Com Niêu Sài Gòn restaurant is perfect for those seeking a novel and innovative experience. It tries to give a truly cultural experience and serves the street food dishes in gracefully designed surroundings. Some of the popular dishes include seafood pan-fried noodles and com dap with its delightful mix of sesame seeds and nuoc mam over crispy rice.

Shri Restaurant & Lounge
The Shri Restaurant & Lounge gives stunning panoramic views from its location at the top of the Center Tower. It has a naturally open air feel with water features and Frangipani trees. This restaurant is a perfect place to dine after a tiring day exploring the city. The menu consists of beautiful home-cooked European cuisine with a variety of dishes taking influence from local and imported flavours. Plus, there is a spacious bar and lounge area to give the very ambient and relaxed setting.

Monsoon Restaurant & Bar Saigon
The Monsoon Restaurant & Bar is a perfect destination for tasting regional favourites from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. The menu is split into the different regions with each having a short list of appetizers, mains and desserts. This restaurant and bar is housed in a French colonial villa with stunning architecture and an outside courtyard for relaxing. A few of the specialty dishes include the national Burmese dish, mohinga and the Laos-style laab gai.

Cirrus Saigon
Located on the 51st floor of the Bitexco Financial Tower, the sky-high Cirrus Saigon is modern styled with a sleek dining area with every guest having stunning views of the local surroundings. The restaurant has an open-theatre kitchen which means guests get to see the meal prepared and cooked. It is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Booking in advance is necessary with guests limited to about thirty per night.

Ngan Dinh Restaurant
A visit to the Ngan Dinh Restaurant gives a wonderful opportunity to taste authentic Szechuan, Cantonese and Chao Zhou at very affordable prices. The restaurant is located in Chinatown as part of the Windsor Plaza Hotel. It is styled with stunning Chinese art. Plus, there are several aquariums along the walls where diners have the option of choosing fresh seafood. The menu is quite broad with popular dishes including warm, fluffy egg tarts or the rice roll filled with mushrooms and steamed beef.

La Villa French Restaurant
The La Villa French Restaurant has a stunning setting in a colonial style villa and serves authentic French cuisine. It has a secluded location with a peaceful courtyard for guests to enjoy a relaxing meal. Plus, this restaurant has the most personable and experienced staff. The food is freshly prepared and relies on sourcing local ingredients. The menu varies from set or a la carte, while an extensive list of French wines is available.