Nightlife in Hoi An

The growth in Vietnam tourism has resulted in increasing numbers coming to Hoi An, an ancient port from many centuries ago. The nightlife is not a reason to visit Hoi An but tourists do require some entertainment at night wherever they are. In terms of Hoi An, there are of course restaurants and the chance to dine will cruising on a junk. Here are some alternatives for your time in Hoi An within your Vietnam travel package. If you have spent time in Hanoi before heading south then you may just want a quiet time, especially if you have had a busy day. It can be tiring get plenty of fresh air and enjoying yourself! Watch our clip of Hoi An by night

nightlife in hoi an

Two islands connect to the Old Town and the western one has a number of bars and plenty of music after sundown. The district is lit up with lanterns and stays fairly busy until midnight. The popular street faces the river and caters primarily for tourists. It is easy to avoid if you want a quieter atmosphere. There are open air bars throughout the Old Town. Everything is fairly casual with some bars often busier than others; Le Loi Street (the south end) and Nguyen Thai Hoc Street hold many of the top places.

•    White Marble is in an old colonial building and specialises in its fine wines and cocktails with excellent food as well.

•    Q Bar attracts affluent locals as well as tourists. It is on the riverside with Japanese furnishings, music and a wide range of drinks.

•    Dive Bar attracts the diving ‘’crowd.’’ There is live music, pool tables, internet and garden.

•    Tam Tam is a restored warehouse that opened 20 years ago. It is fairly close to the Japanese Covered Bridge and offers a varied menu, drinks and a relaxed atmosphere.

•    Mango Mango is close by, a prime location for attracting tourists.

•    Fusion Café on the Thu Bon River offers great views, plenty on the drinks menu and a good range of snacks.  

•    Bistro Bar on the riverside has snacks, enjoyable music and everything from a mojito to a good selection of beer.  There is a ‘’happy hour’’ 1700 to 1900 when drinks are half price.

•    Hoi An Sports Bar offers international sport in keeping with its ownership; Australian. There are games such as darts and PlayStation with free Wi-Fi.

•    Before and Now has an open-air terrace and a relaxed atmosphere, two storeys and pool and football.

•    King Dragon Restaurant has cheap drink and local food, a friendly atmosphere and live sport.
Everything is very casual in Hoi An. Some places are more expensive than others so the choice is up to you. When you are on a Vietnam tour, you may just want a quiet night at times so as you walk around the tourist area of Hoi An at night, choose something to fit your mood. Don’t expect sophisticated night clubs on every corner but that is unlikely to be the reason for a Vietnam holiday anyway.