Ancient Faifo

Ancient Faifo

Ancient Faifo, situated in the heart of Hoi An Old Town, is an experience like no other. Set in an ‘Ancient House’ that housed two generations of Vietnamese artisans, this beautifully decorated establishment combines art, culture and style.

Ancient Faifo’s decor is rich and interesting. It combines modern comfort with a distinct Vietnamese feel that keeps with the character of the house. Upstairs in the restaurant the walls are adorned with past family heirlooms, including porcelain, oil paintings and traditional furnishings.

Food is a quintessential part of Vietnamese life. Savouring the tastes and aromas that have been created here over hundreds of years is one of the highlights for a visitor. Ancient Faifo offers several dining experiences. The menu at the restaurant is a culmination of traditional and modern Vietnamese cooking techniques. Choose from a la carte or set menus, where traditional ingredients, herbs and spices are used to create aromatic dishes that will delight your taste buds. Visit the classic cafe that creates verrine-style tapas and pastries where their team of professional baristas are on hand to make exquisite coffees while you sit and relax the day away. If you are a little more thirsty, take a seat at the bar and order from the list of classic cocktails and drinks, or relax on the open air patio where nightly entertainment can be enjoyed, including a pianist every night from 7 – 9pm and a guitarist on Thurs, Fri, Sat from 5 – 7pm.

Ancient Faifo also offers superb private cooking lessons that teach you a variety of delectable dishes using fresh ingredients and traditional techniques. Top chefs will take you through step-by-step instructions, creating dishes that are famous throughout Vietnam.

For style and sophistication entwined with culture, heritage and relaxation, do not miss the charm of Ancient Faifo.