Central Market in Hoi An

Central Market in Hoi An

Central Market in Hoi An is the only Vietnamese market here. Set on the south east of the city beside the river, the Central Market always remains crowded. You can purchase foodstuffs and fine quality silk from the never ending array of shops here. There are some fabulous silk tailoring shops on the east end from where you can get your dress stitched within a very short span of time by spending very less.

On the roadside shops you would find ladies selling spices like curries, cinnamon, chili powder, saffron, peppercorns etc. at much cheaper rate compared to western countries. The more you go inside the market; you would find the price becoming lesser. So it would be the best not to shop from the first woman you come across. Fruits and vegetables are also found in ample amount.

If you are a fish lover, then you must come to the dock early in the morning. It’s best to come before 7 here, when the dock is filled with fishermen unloading their catch. You can purchase any amount you want at a good bargain or simply witness all the activities taking place here.

The thriving Central Market in Hoi An remain open through the day. If you want to avoid the crowd then the best time to visit the market would be during the mid-day.

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