Best Time To Visit Hue

Best Time To Visit Hue

Located in the central of Vietnam and influenced by Southwest windflow from Laos, Hue is considerably hotter than its neighbour destinations such as Da Nang and Hoi An during summer months. May to September are hottest months and the severity level can be unbearable from time to time.

From October to March, the weather cools off at the expense of frequent small rain drops. The average temperature during this period is between 20 and 30 Celcius degree.

Best time to visit Hue

Hue is well known among Vietnamese for its lasting drizzle by the end or early in the year. Despite the gloomy sky that the tiny rain drops involved, it is said to add more soul to Hue sceneries, especially the Perfume river and the Old citadel.

It means October to March is the ideal time to go on a Vietnam tour to Hue. For those who can stand the heat in exchange for endless blue sky, the summer months are the way to go. Try to avoid July and August which are high seasons for domestic travels and also notorious for the scorching heat.

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