Things to do in Hue

The Nguyen Dynasty whose rule in Vietnam in the 19th and first half of the 20th Century coincided with the French presence in Indochina made Hue their imperial capital. It is in Central Vietnam and offers the chance for tourists on a Vietnam tour package to enjoy a combination of history and rural environment. Being on the coast, there is also the opportunity to enjoy the lovely beaches and warm seas.

things to do in hue

The major natural feature of the area is the Perfume River (Huang Giang) which flows through the City with the newer part to the south and the ancient capital the north. Everyone who visits Hue should take a cruise on the river; it is easy to arrange that either by asking your Vietnam travel agent to do that within your agreed itinerary or to book with a Hue travel agency when you get to the City.

Perhaps you are on a Vietnam family vacation and the kids have plenty of energy? It is perfectly safe for them to go cycling while you relax on the beach; Thuan An and Lang Co are two lovely beaches where you can just relax and sunbathe.

One of the real experiences of Vietnam tour is to meet the people and learn about their daily lives. One of the local villages, Thuy Bieu is certainly a place to visit. It is possible to arrange a homestay in the village which is a contrast from staying in a hotel in the City. The village is situated among a bamboo forest and orchards, a stunning display of green.

If you want to go trekking then Bach Ma National Park is the place for you. There is an abundance of flora, a lake where you can swim and a great waterfall. Bach Ma is about 60 kilometres from Hue but the journey through rice fields and forest is part of the experience as well.

Traditional plays quite a big role in Vietnamese life and it is seen as very important that folk music and dance is one of those traditions. The Imperial Court was entertained to fine cuisine and such music and dance as you can still enjoy today. Indeed, while you are in Hue, you may like to learn to cook some of the dishes. In today’s world, most ingredients for cooking national dishes will be available in shops at home so why not learn cooking from experts rather than a recipe book?

Every woman likes to shop and Hue is a great place to get the traditional Vietnam costume, the Ao Dai, elegant and comfortable clothing that can be worn anywhere. If you buy a conical hat however that may look a little strange back home but it will shade you from the sun during your Vietnam holiday.

There is lots to do and see in Hue before you continue on the next leg of your trip. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Hue as a contrast to some of the busier parts of the Country.