Shopping in Mekong Delta

Shopping in Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is not only a perfect place for sightseeing, experiencing the unique and authentic culture but also a great destination for shopping. Talking to Mekong Delta, the first image appearing is crowded and bustling floating markets.

Floating markets are very popular in Mekong Delta, among which Phong Dien, Cai Rang and Ninh Kieu are the biggest and most outstanding ones.

Phong Dien floating market

Located right at the T-junction of Can Tho River, Phong Dien floating market is a center for trading and exchanging goods. Being 17 kilometers far from the southeast of Can Tho city centre, Phong Dien floating market opens from 4-5 am to 7-8 am. There are numerous kinds of goods sold in Phong Dien floating market: from furniture, working tools, handicraft to vegetables and fruits. Tourists will get overwhelmed by the various kinds and colors of fruits sold on hundreds of boats. In Phong Dien floating market, tourists not only have chance to witness frenetic buying and selling activities on the water, satisfy your demand of shopping but also taste delicious dishes: duck eggs, duck hotpot, Can Tho-style noodles, grilled meat noodles, so on. After visiting and shopping in Phong Dien market, tourists can stream down Tra Nien channel to explore dense orchards and peaceful villages in Can Tho.

Cai Rang floating market

Cai Rang is another famous floating market in Can Tho. The unique and characterized feature of Cai Rang floating market is focusing on selling fruits and specialties of Mekong Delta. This market is only 6 kilometers far from Can Tho City centre. It takes only 30 minutes to move from Ninh Kieu wharf to Cai Rang floating market. Cai Rang market often opens quite soon from the early morning to 8-9 am. Being there, tourists will have chance to taste extremely fresh and delicious fruit of mango, mangosteen, mandarin, pomelo, durian, avocado, dragon fruit, so on. Joining into the bustling atmosphere of the market, visitors will also observe the real floating life: many families of different generations living together on the boat. Cai Rang Floating Marketis one of the most unique tourist attractions in Can Tho. This is a very special cultural feature ofthe Mekong Delta countries attracting both inbound and outbound tourists.

Long Xuyen floating market

Opening on the Hau River flowing through Long Xuyen City, An Giang Province, Long Xuyen floating market is the biggest and most bustling market here. Long Xuyen floating market is about 2 kilometers far from Long Xuyen city centre. Coming there, tourists will get excited about the scenery of large boats parking closely. Sometimes they are tied together into cluster which selling the same product. People can go back and forth between boats like adjacent stalls in the normal market. Agricultural product, fruits of all kinds: bananas, grapefruits, coconuts, oranges, pineapples, tangerines, papayas … colorfully displayed for selling on the water surface. From here, these products will be moved to urban areas for consumption. Hundreds boats go in and out; goods are transacted up and down; boisterous voice of buyers and sellers making a bustling atmosphere. There is even a floating gas station here. Coming there, tourists will experience the unique and authentic cultural feature of Mekong Delta. Floating market is also the home of many families who choose the way of living on the water. In spite of less-famous than Cai Rang or Phong Dien, Long Xuyen floating market is as bustling, frenetic and attractive as other floating markets in Can Tho.

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