Mekong Delta In Vietnam (Things to know)

Mekong Delta has been favoring Vietnam tourism for many years with its beautiful landscapes filled with rice paddy fields and other green luxuries. There are many different adventurous activities one can unleash in Mekong Delta, which has indeed made Mekong Delta tour packages a popular one among tour operators. The Mekong Delta has a whole new world of floating markets, rugged and rustic houses, mud-colored waters, clusters of boats, the bunch of coconut palms and other trees along the riverside which are more than enough to get immersed in natural life.

mekong delta in vietnam things to know

How to reach?
Although Mekong Delta can easily reach by taking a bus from Hanoi city, the travelers are advised to take over a boat ride as they can experience the Delta regions before even landing upon the destination. Although reaching your destination around Mekong Delta can take some time while traveling in a boat, you are about to get into a whole new life experience that you can cherish forever.

Things to do in Mekong Delta:

Cai Rang Floating market:
This biggest floating market in Mekong Delta is best to visit between 6 AM till 7 AM in the morning, as one can avoid getting crowded and get to witness the real beauty of the market along with some spellbound nature surrounding them. This wholesale market is run by every other small trader and the products that are available are reasonable in terms of price rate.

Cajuput Forests:
Other than floating markets and boat rowing around Mekong Delta, visit Cajuput forests where you can witness a wide range of fish species and wild birds euphonic chirping around the forest. Set out a journey on this particular forest and float through the narrow channels surrounded by thick and tall trees.

Taste these local foods:
A visit to Mekong Delta will be incomplete without tasting bun mam which is said to be the most popular and famous local food. The bun mam has vermicelli cooked along with some fish sauce and topped with fish, shrimp and some slices of aubergine and onions. This particular dish is available anywhere along Mekong Delta, and it does taste unique and delightful. The ca loc nuoung (a grilled snakehead fish), banh cong (a Vietnamese cake) is a tasty food, cooked with a mixture of beans, rice flours, wheat flour, minced pork, and shrimp. The local delicacy is delicious, and you should try this to enjoy the soul of Mekong.  

The rice noodle factory showcases the methods followed behind creating perfect rice noodles that are mostly consumed by both local people and by the tourists visiting Vietnam.

local foods in mekong delta

Visit the Pirate Island:
Mekong Delta has a small spot on an island that has been covered with lush vegetation and with blue waters holding about five hundred-year-old histories behind the origin of the pirate island. The island has a hill temple where trekkers can take over and hike up to reach the mountain. As fishing is the major activity of the local people in this pirate island, one can even go for fish hunting along with a tour guide, which will make things easy for you to know the culture and other etiquettes of ethnic group and help you to mingle with them. To enjoy the trip to its optimum, make sure to have an experienced tour guide. Your tour operator can take care of it.   Being a pirated island power outage is common, and it happens every day after 10 PM. The power cut is a gift for travelers, because during the night if you take a boat ride, you can see the sparkling fishes swimming in the water.

Tra Su Bird Sanctuary:
The dense forest is a home for many numbers of wading birds, and it does have a limit to visit, as the birds need to be left undisturbed for breeding. By visiting the bird sanctuary, one can get in a short and speedboat ride or paddle along the narrow channels and get immersed in the rhythm of nature. Best time to visit this particular bird sanctuary is from December to January, during which the baby birds get hatched.  

tra su forest vivutravel

Sao Beach:
This beach is entirely covered with picture-perfect pristine white sands and known to be the shipping port of Mekong Delta. Adventurers can get into water sports and explore the sea with proper guidance provided by the tour operators. Also, there are plenty of beach restaurants offering sea front rooms. The kinds of seafood in these beachside restaurants taste excellent and living a day around them can surround yourself with the beach aroma.

Take a walk through the countryside:
While most places surrounding Mekong Delta can reach through boats, you need to walk through the green rice fields, banana trees and converse with the local people, who are indeed friendly and shall guide let you know more about their livelihood. The countryside has many fruit gardens with large quantities of pineapples growing around them. Never miss tasting pineapple soup while you are in Mekong Delta.

Planning your trip:
As Mekong Delta has many tourist spots and things to explore with, one must take over the three to five-day tour packages that are offered by tour operators. By getting the help from a tour operator, you can pay for the boat tickets in advance and reach your desired destination on time. Moreover, the tour operators can arrange a guide who can let you know about the historical significance and other adventurous activities that you can explore along Mekong Delta. Make sure to reach Mekong Delta a day before, so that you can capture the vibrancy and liveliness of the place starting from sunrise till sunset on upcoming days of your stay at Mekong Delta.

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When to visit:
Most tourists visit Mekong Delta region during the dry season, which is between the months November till April every year. During the dry season, you can experience a warm climate without troubling under the hot sun, which can be a trip spoiler. The popular Khmer festival falls during this season, which will be a fantastic experience, as there will be longboat river races and other traditional cultural activities.  

Vietnam is an incredible tourist destination with authentic traditional bounties. Lovely beaches, fantastic coastline, lots of rice fields, the lovely Mekong River, you got much reason to fall in love with Mekong Delta. The floating market holds the glam of Mekong, is the lifeline of Mekong, where people come for shopping, meeting point, sell, eat and live. It is a springboard, to let you know the inside life of Vietnam and its tradition from a close angle.

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