Mui Ne

Vietnam has 3,400 km of coastline with an increasing number of resorts attracting attention both for local Vietnamese as well as overseas visitors, the best of them in the central and southern areas. Mui Ne a beach resort area in Phan Thiet close to Ho Chi Minh Cityis becoming increasingly popular. With Vietnam’s largest city by population so near and honeymoon in Vietnam a real option because of the wonderful coastline its popularity seems certain to continue.

This Mui Ne travel guide intends to tell you more about the place if you are considering a holiday in Vietnam.

There is a coastal road climbing over a hill before descending into a crescent shaped bay; that is Mui Ne. Once simply a traditional fishing village times have changed this century with a great deal of development along the 15 km strip. It was a popular destination for people local and afar to come to see the eclipse in 1995 and that publicity did Mui Ne no harm at all.

How to get there
Internal and international transport connections are excellent. Direct flights from abroad and other places in Vietnam make the resort of Mui Ne very accessible to everyone. Vietnam’s rail and road systems are good and bus services between Ho Chi Minh City and the coastline are both comfortable and frequent. You might want to drive yourself and you can certainly rent a vehicle if you wish. Those on Vietnam travel packages will obviously have all the arrangements made for them.

Best time to visit
No one wants rain when they are enjoying a beach but in Vietnam between May and November there is likely to be a shower, sometimes heavy, most afternoons. The dry season starts in December and last for five months. Temperatures are good all year round though it may be cooler at the beginning of that dry season.

Things to see and do
This Mui Ne travel guide highlights the following things in order to enjoy the place to the full:

• Po Sha Inu Tower dates back to the Cham Kingdom in the 8th Century. It is in a fairly poor state of repair these days.

• Fish Sauce (nuoc mam) is produced locally. If you can stand the smell then watch production. It will then stand for a long period of time in hot weather before it is ready for use.

• The Sand Dunes do move around in the wind. They are great for those on Vietnam family tours which aim to provide fun and nature with history and culture.

• Mui Ne market and the harbour are a must. There are hundreds of colourful fishing boats moored when not out at sea. There is no better place for buying fresh seafood if you have cooking facilities or eating in a local restaurant. There is crab, shrimp, octopus and much more all delicious when cooked in true Vietnamese style.

• The Fairy Stream is a river running through bamboo forests and the dunes behind the village. It almost looks like a miniature of America’s Grand Canyon. It is fairly sandy though the sand may well be too hot to walk bare-footed.

• Kitesurfing is just one way to enjoy the coast though you will have plenty of company in the most popular holiday weeks. If you have never done this before you will be able to get lessons.Sailing has become a recent option and once again tuition is now available for novices. Other visitors are just happy to swim and sunbathe.Surfing and windsurfing are other water sports.

vietnam honeymoon in mui ne

There are an increasing number of hotels being built along the coastline and tourist numbers have led to Mui Ne not being as quiet as it used to be. There is something for every budget right up to sheer luxury. Prices are higher in the tourist areas though those on Vietnam private tours will have everything arranged for them and the price included. You may decide on a guesthouse or bungalow or even go for a spa resort.

Travel tips
Mosquitoes are a problem in Mui Ne so you must take precautions; get some insect repellent and perhaps wear long sleeves and trousers in the evening. Sand flies can be a nuisance as well so applying a spray each day is a wise precaution.

There are locals trying to tempt visitors with offers of tours or help. If you are on Vietnam tour packages it is unlikely that you will need any help. No offence is taken if you politely decline.

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