Places to visit in Mui Ne

Mui Ne is a small coastal village that is only 4-hours away from Ho Chi Minh City, and a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle on the tours of Vietnam. The baking hot midday sun and glorious unspoiled stretches of sand make an ideal destination for the beach break. Plus, it is a great place to visit to escape from the humidity of Ho Chi Minh City or the Delta. This white-sand peninsula is dotted with a range of luxury boutique hotels and charming small properties to offer a varied range of places to stay to match most budgets.

places to visit in mui ne

Places to visit in Mui Ne

Fairy Stream  
The Fairy Stream is a soft red creek that is coloured by limestone and clay particles in shades of pinks, oranges, whites and reds. Over the years, this 500-metre of rippling stream has carved its way through lush bamboo groves, limestone rock formations and dunes to create a quite spectacular landscape.

Tourists can walk the Fairy Stream with its soft red sand and cooling water, which is mostly ankle – although knee-deep at its deepest. A small enclosure is nearby with crocodiles, snakes and other animals, while it is also possible to watch Ostrich racing. Entry to the Fairy Steam is free of charge and a great place to visit while on a tour of Mui Ne.

Mui Ne Fishing Village
The Mu Ne Fishing Village is a large congregation of fishing boats (traditional bamboo to coloured fibreglass boats). The actual floating village can change with the wind direction and season. From May to October, the northerly winds arrive and the boats are moved to avoid the worst of the waves. A visit to the Mui Ne Fishing Village is great to witness the local life and watch the fisherman go about their everyday activities, while also getting to taste fresh fish pho at the nearby markets while on the Vietnam travel packages.

The best time to visit the harbour is early in the morning (e.g. before 10am) when the fishermen are just returning to shore with their large catch of stingrays, groupers, scallops and crabs. Also, this place is certain to appeal to the tourists that are into travel photography.

Po Shanu Cham towers
The Po Shanu Cham towers have a hilltop location west of Mui Ne that gives clear views of the Phan Thiet town and coastline in the distance. This complex of three ancient towers dates to the 9th century with the main one holding a linga and yoni monolith that is devoted to Lord Shiva. The other towers are dedicated to the buffalo deity Nandi and fire deity Agni. Also, there is a small pagoda nearby, as well as a small shop and gallery. There is an entry fee of less than a dollar, and is easily reached within a 15-minute drive from Mui Ne.

Other sights in the local Mui ne travel guide include the nuoc mam (fish sauce) factory, the cable car at Ta cu Mountain and the Reclining Buddha. Also, there is an 18-hole world-class championship golf course not too far out of town.