My Tho

My Tho, the capital of Tien Giang province is the gateway to the Mekong Delta for tourists on a day trip from Ho Chi Minh City. The former capital of South Vietnam before unification is a little over one hour bus trip away from My Tho which is a small enough town to walk around.My Tho has two lakes which look especially good at night and the Pagoda is worth a visit. The town has a population approaching 160,000 so there is plenty of activity to enjoy.

How to get there
My Tho’s proximity to Ho Chi Minh City means that it is easily accessible from other parts of the Country as well as abroad.

Best time to visit
There will be rain most days between May and October, often in the form of a heavy afternoon shower. Tourists visit the region right around the year because nationally there are variations with no one month likely to entirely dry everywhere. Vietnam travel itineraries are available year round.

Things to see and do
The Mekong Delta is a fascinating place and this My Tho travel guide knows a few reasons why. Vietnam family tours are designed to let visitors see the real Vietnam:

my tho travel guide

• There are lots of small islands. You can stop and walk around just to meet the locals and learn about their daily lives. Unicorn Island is a popular stop for example and there are others; Phoenix and Dragon, all have names.
• The seasonal fruits are a delight. Thai Son has fruit plantations and fruit is served fresh or dried. The climate in the months of summer is hot and unmind, effectively tropical so exotic fruits are easy to grow.
• All is quiet these days but when you sail down some of the narrow canals such as Qui Son there is thick vegetation either side, an ideal place for an ambush which must have happened during the War. These days all there are is fishermen with their nets, sometimes in their boats, other times in the water.
• Coconut Candy is produced locally by hand. Turtle Island is one place where you can see it being made. Another local product is snake wine! The base is rice wine which is poured over a snake and left to ferment. It has medicinal properties and all the locals drink it.
• There is a Bee Farm on Thoi Son so you can buy local honey; you will be expected to haggle over the price.
• Fish is obviously part of the diet. The Mekong is famous for large catfish but there is also Tai Tuong (Elephant Ear Fish). This fish is actually bred in huge tanks as well as being in the waters of the Delta.

My Tho has fairly cheap and clean accommodation for those wanting to spend time in the Delta as opposed to coming on a day trip from Ho Chi Minh City. The other option is homestay in a local house though not necessarily with a local family. Vietnam travel packages can organise this. Hopefully our My Tho travel guide has got you thinking about those Vietnam tour packages.

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