One Day Tour of My Tho

One Day Tour of My Tho

If you don't have much time, a visit to the Mekong Delta is a must and there is also a tour which takes you to My Tho, included in the Mekong Delta Tour. There are several options on what to do and just ask the guide or agency as to where they will bring you.

In our case, we drove for about two hours from Ho Chi Minh to reach My Tho. We then went on a cruise of the Tien River, enjoying a view of the FOUR ISLANDS: Dragon, Unicorn, Turtle and Phoenix.

Apparently, there is a fish market and fish raising village along Dragion island but we did not really go into that....instead, we went to a coconut candy mill and then from there, we rode a small motorized cart through narrow roads in the dense tropical growth - having Vietnamese coffee and fruits in a local coffee shop, where I lounged on a hammock after coffee, lol....And then we were brought to a boat which went through the brown river surrounded by dense foliage and ending up in a restaurant whose specialty was the tasty "elephant ear fish".

Other activities which your tour may include (but was not in ours) are riding a horse-drawn cart through village paths to visit a bee-raising farm and taste honey tea and jam, and other opportunities to see local people cultivating fruit trees along with Traditional Vietnamese folk music.

Overall, a great experience to interact with the very warm and friendly locals - I truly enjoyed interacting and smiling with them...

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