Nui Cam Nature Reserve

Nui Cam Nature Reserve

Topography and hydrology

At 710 m, Nui Cam is the highest point in the Bay Nui (seven mountains) area of An Giang province. These mountains are surrounded by the plain of the Mekong Delta, an anthropogenic landscape dominated by wet rice cultivation. Nui Cam is drained by a number of streams, which flow into the local canal system, which forms the main hydrological system in this part of the Mekong Delta.

Biodiversity values

The principal habitat types at the site are secondary forest and plantation forest. Botanical surveys at Nui Cam have recorded 178 plant species. Of greatest conservation significance, the site supports a population of the globally critically endangered tree species Aquilaria crassna.

Other documented values

Nui Cam Nature Reserve has potential ecotourism values. An Giang Provincial People's Committee plan to develop a 200 ha tourism area on top of the mountain, with a road, guesthouses and restaurants.