Things to do in Nha Trang

Nha Trang is among the most popular coastal resort cities and located on the south-central coast of Vietnam. Its tasty food dishes, amazing attractions and pristine beaches are what make this city such a well travelled destination. In addition to the wonderful beaches, this city attracts the tourists thanks to its modern, urban atmosphere.

Located about 1200 km south of the capital Hanoi and 450 km north of Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang has one of the most beautiful bays and a strip of beaches that stretches 4 km long. Plus, there are nineteen small and large islands just off the mainland to explore by boat.

things to do in nha trang

Here are a few things to do when next visiting Nha Trang:

Relax on the beach
The beaches in Nha Trang are in various places throughout this beach resort city. They offer plenty in the way of recreational and sightseeing activities for visitors on the Vietnam holidays beach holiday wishing to soak up the sun. The 6 km stretch of coastline is not only blessed with white sandy beaches, but also has a wide array of accommodation and dining options.

The beaches in Nha Trang are quite diverse and range from the remote Bai Dai Beach to give a complete escape from the city to the lively and bustling Tran Phu Beach that is right in the middle of the action. Some of the beaches are quite a drive from Nha Trang City, but the pristine coastline and tranquil scenery are certainly worth the effort.

Diving & snorkelling
Diving and snorkelling is one of the most popular activities in this beach resort part of Vietnam. Nha Trang has nineteen islands offshore with plenty worth a visit for their underwater life. But, it is best to avoid October-December when the weather isn’t the best for snorkelling. For the complete beginner to diving and snorkelling, there are plenty of local dive shops to learn the basics and even take a PADI open-water course to get a scuba certificate.

Shop around
A great thing to do in Nha Trang is to shop around. The local area has plenty of variety with a choice of malls and outdoor shops. Tourists can easily shop for clothes, dry seafood, handicrafts and much more. A visit to the Nha Trang Dam Market is perfect for the authentic shopping experience and this large market sells everything from souvenirs to food.

Visit the waterfalls
Nha Trang has a few beautiful waterfalls that are well worth a visit on the Vietnam family holiday. This most popular includes the Fairy Spring and Ba Ho Waterfalls, which is made up of three falls. The waterfalls are surrounded by lush-green landscape that creates the perfect scenery. Also, the Fairy Spring falls can double as a swimming hole throughout the summer months.

Eat street foods
Nha Trang is a vibrant coastal city with fresh and bountiful seafood that makes up plenty of popular dishes. Nha Trang's specialty street food is best experienced by travelling outside of the main tourist areas and organizing a tour with a local English-speaking guide. A street food tour is a lot of fun, reasonably priced, and gives the option to try dishes like fish noodle soup, spring rolls, fried mussels, papaya salad, and more.

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