Top Reasons to stay in Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a popular coastal resort in south central Vietnam. It is just 400 km from Ho Chi Minh City and easily reached by plane or train journey. The region has varied scenery with a long stretch of sandy beaches that have mountains as a backdrop; while offshore are nineteen stunning islands.

top reasons to stay in nha trang

Here are a few of the top reasons to stay in Nha Trang:

When to go
Nha Trang has long spells of hot and dry weather that runs from mid-January to late-August. The months with the most rainfall include October and November (nearly 50% of the annual rainfall takes place during this time). Typhoons can hit the central region of Vietnam at this time of year. For the travellers that prefer to avoid the worst of the crowds, try to avoid June and July, and travel midweek or even slightly off season.

This popular beach resort city has literally hundreds of hotels, resorts and guest houses that cater to any travel budget, from the very fine taste to the complete shoestring travellers. A great place to stay for the luxury Vietnam holiday is on the beachfront boulevard Tran Phu, this gives access to premier hotels with stunning ocean views and prime beach access.

Beachside Nha Trang has a very laid-back shopping scene with mementos, souvenirs and gifts available on every street corner. For the more exclusive items, there are several fine galleries in the city selling local artisan crafts and artwork. Other options include custom made dresses, suits or shirts from one of the local skilled tailors, while the Nha Trang Centre shopping mall is great for brand-name cosmetics, jewelery, fashions, and much more.

Eat and drink
Visitors to Nha Trang on the package holidays to Vietnam are certain to be delighted with the food delicacies with seafood a popular choice. This part of Vietnam is famous for its high-quality fish sauce and featured in plenty of local specialties. A few of the favourites include Nem Nha Trang (pork rolls), Cua (crab), and Cha ca (fish patties).

What to see
Nha Trang is not only a pleasant place to visit for its superb beaches and lively nightlife on the family tours in Vietnam, but also for its culture and history that pleases the crowds in this coastal city. A stunning piece of architecture dating back to the 7th century is the Po Nagar Cham Towers that is located approx 2 km from the city centre and well-located by the banks of the Cai River. This impressive temple complex is still used as a place of worship today.

A further cultural draw is the Long Son Pagoda that dates to the 19th century and appreciated for its white statue of Buddha. By climbing the 150+ steps to the statue base it is possible to get a perfect view of the local Nha Trang surroundings. The temple features traditional carvings and art with ceramic dragon mosaics.

A visit to the Thap Ba Hot Springs is great for the private or communal mud bathing experience, as well as hydrotherapy water jets and swimming pool sessions.