Restaurants in Ninh Binh

If your Vietnam travel package includes time in Ninh Binh and the Red River Delta, you are in for a treat. You do not go there for 5-star cuisine but it would be wrong to think you won’t get quality. Every restaurant uses fresh local produce each day and you may like to try a couple of local specialities. One is mountain goat (de nui) which is usually served with fried rice. Burnt rice(cơm cháy)from the bottom of the pan is also a common dish, this time usually served with pork. Duck is common as well.

restaurants in ninh binh

Here is a list of suggestions of places to try if you are not dining at your hotel or if your Vietnam tour package means you are already pre-booked:

•    Trung Tuyet in Thanh Binh cooks typical Vietnamese food and is certainly vegetarian friendly. It is certainly value for money and an excellent choice for someone on a Vietnam family tour. It is open every day for breakfast and does not close until 10.00pm.

•    Chookies in Ninh Binh serves local as well as Western food and diners can sit outside and still enjoy the free Wi-Fi. It is closed on Tuesdays but otherwise open late morning until 9.30pm. There is wheelchair access and you can have alcohol with your meal.

•    Coffee Phong & Fat Food serves between 7.00am and 11.00pm each day; pizza, fast food as well as typical Vietnamese cuisine, including vegetarian. It is in Dong Thanh and features include outdoor seating options, TV, Wi-Fi and a full bar.

•    Minh Toan Restaurant Father Cooking in Bich Dong is open seven days a week, 14 hours a day. It serves Vietnamese food throughout the day and is happy to welcome families as well as large groups. There is Wi-Fi, outdoor seating and it is wheelchair friendly.

•    Bamboo Bar & Restaurant in Tam Coc is open every day of the week. The cuisine is Vietnamese and it has staff speaking both English and French. Diners can sit outside as well as enjoying a full range of alcohol, Wi-Fi and wheelchair access.

•    Bao Anh Restaurant in Ninh Binh is definite value for money and family-friendly. If you are on a budget during your Vietnam holiday, this is a place to try. It offers good service and food and is happy to welcome families and large groups.

•    Restaurant Duc Nhat in Thanh Binh District makes an early start at 6.30am every day of the week. There is Vietnamese cuisine as well as pizzas if you are with the kids and they want a taste of home. You can sit outside, use the free Wi-Fi and enjoy the range of alcohol on offer.

•    Duc Linh Restaurant in Khu Du Lich offers local cuisine at a budget price, even for families and large groups. There is free Wi-Fi and wheelchair access, alcohol and high chairs for babies.

•    Anh Dung restaurant in Tam Coc is a good address for western tourists, serving local and western foods. Menu in English so it is easy to order what you want.

•    The Long hotel and restautant is right in front of Tam Coc boat Wharf, serving delicious food too. The restaurant is a perfect place to have lunch before or after the Tam Coc boat trip.

After a day travelling in this stunning environment it is likely that you will have a good appetite. Bon appetit!