The Best Time to Visit Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is situated in the northern countryside of Vietnam and a delightful place to visit at least once for the nature lover. The fascinating countryside scenery consists of ancient relics, streams, pagodas, forest, rice paddies and limestone mountains. Beyond visiting Ninh Binh for its major attractions, there is also the option to experience eco-tourism, community travel and religious exploration in the region.

 the best time to visit ninh binh

When to visit
In general, there isn't a major reason not to visit Ninh Binh at any time of the year on the family tours in Vietnam. Similar to other parts of northern Vietnam, the weather between the months of November and April is mostly dry and cool, while May to October leads to humid, hot and plenty of rainfall. Additionally, the month of September is especially at risk of typhoons. However, the wet season is a great time to visit for nature lovers that are interested in seeing the vivid green colour of the rich fields.

The Ninh Binh weather is comparable to Hanoi and other northern cities.

April and May – a visit to the fascinating landscape of Ninh Binh during the months of April to May is a great time to appreciate the ripen rice fields and the early harvest time.

June – a Ninh Binh tour that takes place in June is certain to give a perfect opportunity to take the stunning photographs of flowers, especially lotus. While there are plenty of other places to see the water-lily and lotus flowers, a great thing about Ninh Binh is the natural and picturesque background that is more striking than other places like Hanoi.

September and October – the package holidays to Vietnam that takes place during September and October makes it possible to appreciate the wet rice harvest time. Any travellers that book a boat tour along the Bich Dong River can get to explore the Trang An Landscape Complex – Hoa Lu Ancient Capital – Tam Coc while being surrounded by the wonderful scenery of yellow rice fields.

November – a trip to Ninh Binh at the end of November is likely to be relatively low on tourist traffic. The ability to explore the region can be so much more enjoyable without the crowds. However, the only issue is likely to relate to the paddy fields. At this time of year, the rice has already been harvested and want is left is brown or yellowish fields. Apart from this, the local scenery is still great and the weather is pleasant and may reach around the 20° C mark during the day, although the evenings can get a little chilly.

Is there a time to avoid?
Apart from the best times to visit Ninh Binh, there are also times when it isn't the most appropriate for boat rides, such as between the months of December and February when the weather has a higher chance of a lot of drizzle. Also, it may not be a good idea to travel just before or after the Tet holiday (Vietnamese New Year) due to heavy crowds.

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