Useful Travel Tips for Travelling to Ninh Binh

The stunning scenery that surrounds Ninh Binh is situated approx 85 km from the country's capital city of Hanoi. Beyond the stunning landscape of vivid green rice fields and karst limestone peaks that awaits visitors; this is also a great place to appreciate the rural way of life. Ninh Binh province has a very relaxed atmosphere and makes a nice change from the hustle and bustle of being in a city like Hanoi.

The karst scenery and nearby places like Trang An, Tam Coc, Hoa Lu historic city, and Van Long Nature Reserve are among the many places to visit on the package holidays to Vietnam. See our Ninh Binh Tour Packages.

useful travel tips for travelling to ninh binh

Useful travel tips

Let's take a look at a few useful travel tips:

1 - Many of the local roads are wide and flat which makes them perfect for exploring by bicycle or motorbike. For travellers just starting their tour from the north to the south of Vietnam, this area can make a great place to learn now to safely ride a motorbike.

2 - Ninh Binh town doesn't really have much going on, so it will typically benefit in stay in accommodation in or around Tam Coc.

3 - Make sure to travel with enough money when travelling to a place like Tam Coc because there are no ATMs in the local area. For any tourists that arrive in town without enough money, it will be necessary to make a 7 km detour to Ninh Binh city to withdraw the necessary funds.

4 – Ninh Binh town doesn't have the most impressive restaurants, so if you are staying in a traditional homestay with a local family, you will likely be served the more appetizing food compared to the restaurants.

5 – The best way to travel to Ninh Binh is to use the local bus service from Hanoi. Typically, the journey time is in the region of two hours. Also, there is a choice of services. The tourist bus can pick up passengers from their hotel with a cost of $10 per ticket, or the local bus service will cost $3 per ticket with the pick up point at Giap Bat.

Also, for tourists on the tours of Vietnam that are already in the Halong Bay area, there is a direct bus service to Ninh Binh which can be used instead of travelling back to the capital.

6 – Alternative travel options include the routes that run to Ninh Binh from several cities, including Hanoi, Dong Hoi, Danang, and Hue.

7 – A stay of at least one or two nights in Ninh Binh is certain to be worth it. There are plenty of peaceful and unique places to explore in this part of northern Vietnam.

All in all, a stay in Ninh Binh gives the perfect opportunity to experience the real Vietnam. While there are parts of this province that see plenty of tourist activity, there are still others that aren't completely overrun and a joy to explore the fascinating landscape and join in with the wide-ranging activities offered to tourists on the Vietnam tours package.

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