Outstanding values

Outstanding values

Are you seeking out an area rich in both agriculture and historic values? Then you’ve come to the right place. Northeast Vietnam has been so famous for that. This is truly the engine for the industry and tourism development, so mix your drive through the most magnificent sceneries and visits of the mountain tribes, villages, and some historic spots. Take the Northeast travel guide now to understand more of your next destination.

Seen as the Northeast of Vietnam, the Red River Delta’s north is supposed to separate itself from the Northwest. Theoretically, it’s wider than Viet Bac (Northern Vietnam). This place is considered to be one of 3 sub-regions of the nation in which 2 others will be the Northwest and Red River Delta.

Speaking of its geographical boundaries, the area is known to be restricted to the North and East by the border of Vietnam and China. The Northeast is a mountainous region filled up with the limestone mountains and other massifs. Apart from Halong bay, the place also owns another beauty of nature named “Thac Ba lake” which is highly recommended for your traveling.

Northeast Vietnam is a great option for the ones who admire the beauty of nature and unique culture, so the trip to this region will be made for those loving the exploration off the beaten track. Sure enough, the scenic beauty of Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba Island that has attracted a large number of crowds who are allowed to sail peacefully through the spectacular seascape of rocky limestone will beat you down.

Stated as the most advantageous region in the country, Northeast is serving an important part in the growth of the entire Vietnam. As it comes to its economy and geography, the area bears the most advantages. Most people living in the area belong to Kinh ethnic group, but we also have some ethnic minority groups. The locals’ costumes can be separated to genders, positions, ages, and localities.

If keen on discovering more of the area, then explore more of the Northeast travel guide to be informed that it’s a home of diverse ethnic groups, Dao, Tay, Thai, Muong, and Giay are the most common groups here. A lot of them tend to live along the river banks just to make living.

Each of the group owns its unique way of cooking and tasting, but the major ingredient here is still rice. As for the meal, northeasterners love the simplicity and nutrition, and people here would worship “Kitchen God” (Ong Tao).

The regional education level has been increasingly improved whilst there are several universities and colleges available all around here. Friends arrive here to witness the diversity in its customs, lifestyles, and cultures apart from the other amazing landscapes and seascapes. For this reason, we have drawn lots of investors and tourists to the region every year.

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