Places to visit in Northeast Vietnam

Northeast of Vietnam is a beautiful but less- visited by international tourists. People on a Vietnam classic tour focus on the highlights of the country such as Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa, Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta and Phu Quoc island. The northeast of Vietnam seems to be forgotten. Only a few who love to discover an authentic Vietnam, beautiful nature, landscape and meet friendly ethnic people will think about a trip to this region.

A Vietnam travel agent in Hanoi should be your tour operator to customize the trip, combine the places, arrange your accommodation, tour guide, transportation so that your northeast Vietnam tour will be an unforgettable experience.

places to visit in northeast vietnam

Places to visit in the northeast of Vietnam are many, below are just our suggestions:

1. Hoang Su Phi rice terraces: Listed as the national heritage of Vietnam in 2016, tourists to Hoang Su Phi from June - September will see impressive terraced rice fields on steep slopes of high mountains. Hoang Su Phi belongs to Ha Giang province, but close to Bac Ha district of Lao Cai. A tour to Hoang Su Phi should be combined with Bac Ha market.

2. Quan Ba heaven gate: Another beautiful place to visit when travelling to Ha Giang, Quan Ba heaven gate offers spectacular view over mountains and valley after having conquered steep and meandering slopes.

3. Pho Bang old town: Located in Dong Van district of Ha Giang, Pho Bang is like a forgotten town. The charm and beauty of earth houses, slow pace of life, peaceful and tranquil atmostphere in a afternoon covered by clouds and smoke from the kitchens will impress in your mind and soul.

northeast loop tour

4. Sủng Là culture village: Ha Giang is home to different ethnic groups such as H'Mong, Tay, Dao, Nung. When on road, it is easy to see houses that surrounded by beautiful stone fences and on the way to Dong Van town, it is a must to stop at Sủng Là culture village to see the houses, life and learn about the H'Mong's culture.

5. The Vuong Palace: A nice visit before reaching Dong Van town, the Vuong Palace was home of the King of H'Mong minority. The palace is now used as a small museum showing you something about the pass such as history, life and the ups and downs. The palace itself is also a beautiful building.

6. Dong Van town: The heart of Dong Van karst plateau, Dong Van is the perfect stop for overnight or used as the base to explore the area. When in Dong Van, remember to visit the old street, try some local dishes with home-made wine. Dong Van market opens once a week on Sundays, which is a real festival day for local people, both to trade and have good time together. 

ma phi leng pass

7. Ma Phi Leng pass: The most stunning spot in Ha Giang and Vietnam that offers amazing view. On your northeast tour from Dong Van to Bao Lac, this is a must stop place. There is a souvenir shop there where you can buy some solf drinks, too. However, ask your tour guide about this legendary pass on the happy road.

8. Ba Be lake: Located in Ba Be national park of Bac Kan province, Ba Be lake is one of the world's largest fresh water lake. Bac Ngoi village of the Tay minority pcituresquely situated by the lake offers homestay and boat trip. To find peace in mind, stay here for few nights.

9. Ban Gioc waterfall: Lied on the border between Vietnam and China in Cao Bang province, Ba Gioc waterfall is known as the nicest and biggest one in Vietnam. In dry season, the falls are like a charming girl. When coming back from Ban Gioc, do not forget to visit Nguom Ngao cave, which is also the highlight of the northeast loop tour.

10. Bac Son valley: This newly discovered place located in Lang Son province where tourists will enjoy fantastic view over moutains, and valley of rice paddies. Bac Son is ideal suggestion for homestay experience and photographers to shoot great pictures.