Trekking in North Vietnam

If you've been traveling through Vietnam, you must agree with me that North Vietnam is definitely the most beautiful area in Vietnam. The northern mountains of Vietnam are home to majestic high mountains. It’s a majestic area with breathtaking beauty, a kingdom of many ethnic minorities with distinctive costumes and warm hospitality. Meeting them by walking through the many hiking trails through the mountains, the humble small villages on the side of the mountains and the wonderful rice fields are a memorable experience for any trip in Vietnam. Let's explore 5 great trekking spots in the northern mountains of Vietnam.

trekking in hoang su phi ha giang vietnam

Sapa is a destination not to be missed for travelers who like to trek to admire some of the most beautiful terraces in northern Vietnam. The former colonial resort, located at an altitude of 1,650 meters in a majestic mountain setting, and the surrounding valleys are home to the ethnic diversity associated with its traditions. Trekking in Sapa allows you to admire spectacular landscape nearby and to meet the ethnic minorities living in the area, especially the H'mong and Red Dao people. Spending the night at an ethnic home here, you will be overwhelmed by the diversity of their culture and above all their great hospitality.

Hoang Su Phi and magnificent terraced fields
If it comes to terraces in Vietnam, you cannot ignore Hoang Su Phi. Indeed, Hoang Su Phi is home to the most beautiful terraced fields in northern Vietnam. All visitors who were lucky enough to go hiking in Hoang Su Phi agreed that the scenery there was spectacular.

The majestic scenery where some peoples live in harmony, mainly the Dao and the Tay, walking and spending the night at a homestay is still the best way to soak up the local culture. It is harder to access than Sapa, so Hoang Su Phi's advantage is fewer tourists. Therefore, you can enjoy the private space here. Experiencing the feeling of being alone, walking in the vast mountains, listening to your heart, forgetting all sadness in another world, is a feeling to try.

Cao Bằng
Located in northeastern Vietnam and bordering with China, Cao Bang is a remote mountainous region with wild beauty characterized by rugged limestone ranges, landscapes made up of an impossible maze Separation of rocky peaks. It’s a surreal natural scene, where the majestic natural scenery, along with the cultural diversity of ethnic minorities, makes the scene even more poetic. Here, you also admire the Ban Gioc waterfall - one of Vietnam's most spectacular natural landscapes, the most majestic waterfall in Vietnam nestled in a beautiful natural setting, in a limestone peak covered with full of lush vegetation, 85 km from Cao Bang city. Ban Gioc Waterfall, located on the border with China, falls from a height of 30 m and is divided into three groups separated by rocks that spread over a total width of over 300 m. A wonderful sight that Vietnamese, foreign and Chinese tourists come to enjoy.

Pu Luong nature reserve
In the southwest of Hanoi, Pu Luong Nature Reserve is a true natural setting, especially for hiking. You will be able to appreciate the variety of landscapes: karst mountain, terraces, deep forests, dense forests, waterfalls and valleys. There is some small villages of Muong and Thai ethnicity, where you can spend the night here to experience the daily life of the ethnic people. Walking is the most wonderful way to explore in Pu Luong. You can go from a day to a few days to come deeper in this sanctuary. This is definitely the first choice for those who like to walk.

Magical Ba Be National Park
Located in the northeast of Vietnam, on the border with Cao Bang province, Ba Be National Park is a must-see for hikers who love the pristine nature. The park is in fact a rich biodiversity reserve surrounded by karst mountains where a large freshwater lake is located, home to a number of rare animal and plant species.

This will also be an opportunity to meet the ethnic minorities living in the park such as the Tay, Nung and H'mong people in particular. Sleeping around the lake, sailing and swimming there will definitely be a rare travel experience!

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