Visiting to local ethnic markets

Visiting to local ethnic markets

Ethnic markets in Vietnam are something you have to experience.

Northern Vietnam held a number of street markets. Some of these markets are unique and very interesting. These markets are called ethnic markets, it is the place where residents of ethnic minorities come from villages and towns lying mainly in the mountains. Most of markets start in the morning and some residents come to markets in the early morning or one day before the start of the market.

Plenty of ethnic markets are held on the less accessible places. Paths to the markets are very long for some residents, they come from remote locations and some people arive on horses or ponies. Some of these ethnic residents come on motorbikes. The largest markets are held in the towns or villages near the Chinese border in the north.

A unique opportunity where you can buy authentic products of minorities.

You can buy a lot of products and more in these ethnic markets. These are mainly textiles, jewelry, decorative accessories, animals (buffalo, dogs, goats, horses …). Taste a genuine local dishes on that occasion. Looking for a pony or buffalo from the mountains? You have a unique opportunity. In the article below is a list of the most interesting ethnic markets and a map of places they are held.

Some ethnic markets in Vietnam have a centuries-old history.

Some ethnic markets in northern Vietnam have hundreds of years of history and maintain their own cultural traditions of ethnic populations. One of these markets is the „Love market“ in Khau Vai. It’s a place where you can meet people of different ethnic groups and you can see establishing of relationships with each other. It’s a unique opportunity to experience the world as it none of us know and have never seen. Part of this market are also games, entertainment and competitions.

It is important to maintain of social relations between ethnic minorities.

The main factor of visits these markets, is to earn more money for these ethnic residents. For some residents in remote areas, it is sometimes the only opportunity to earn some money. For visitors and travelers it is an opportunity to buy original products at affordable prices, and support the hard working poor ethnic people.

Ethnic markets are visited by hundreds and thousands of residents.

There is not only money the most important thing. It is also important in this area of 54 ethnic minorities the maintain a friendly social relations between different minorities. You often see drinking men, loudly discussing women, laugh, price negotiations or eating in different groups.

Authenticity, cultural habits, establishing relationships, games and entertainment.

Ethnic markets in Vietnam are also a magnet for travelers and tourists. Lots of markets is placed in the less-visited places in the north. Some of these markets are well-known and much visited by tourists, for example Sapa market and market in Bac Ha. It is precisely because of easier availability.

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