5 Reasons Why Phu Quoc Island is Worth Visiting

Phu Quoc is just 20 km wide and 50 long and seen as a desert-island paradise in Vietnam. This island is much like a laid-back colonial town with thickly forested interior and glorious sandy beaches.

While Phu Quoc is mostly appreciated for its secluded and beautiful beaches, there are many different reasons to stay a day or two on the island. Here are five top reasons to visit Phu Quoc:

5 reasons why phu quoc island is worth visiting

Go diving
Any travellers visiting Phu Quoc on the Vietnam private tour from October to April will discover this is a glorious destination for the complete novice or skilled divers. A large percentage of the recognised dive sites are quite shallow, and range at about 10 to 12 metres. Divers get to see a wide range of marine life such as octopus, scorpion fish, nudibranchs, bamboo sharks and blue spotted rays. In addition to exploring the beautiful reefs up close, the snorkelling opportunities in the local waters are equally as good.

Relax on the beaches
Phu Quoc is most famous for its beautiful beaches and makes a wonderful Vietnam travel destination. You won’t be disappointed with a day relaxing on Long Beach which stretches for nearly 20 km. It is among the most popular stretches of beach and filled with pleasant beachfront restaurants and accommodation. Additionally, there are plenty of less well-known beaches that are worth exploring while on the island.

Taste the local seafood
One of the best ways to taste the local seafood is to visit the Dinh Cau night market. This is within easy reach for travellers staying in Phu Quoc’s largest town, Duong Dong. This night market is ready to serve an incredible selection of freshly caught seafood and rated as a top dining spot on the island.

Enjoy a boat trip
Take a boat trip around Phu Quoc to experience the many different offshore islands with coral reefs and hidden beaches. Boat tours can vary in quality, so it is worth reading reviews before booking a particular company to ensure it is high standard. Also, there are plenty of dive companies in the local area that offer stand-alone boat trips, these are often more appealing than the cheap boat tours.

Explore the thick forest
Nearly 50% of Phu Quoc is reserved for the national park and a high percentage of the island is blanked in a thick forest covering. Plus, the island has been recognised by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve, this relates to its biodiversity and pristine environment.

A fun and wild experience on the island can include hiring a motorbike for the day and exploring the interior to see more of the jungle and pepper plantations. A great place to visit is Ganh Dau with its stunning scenery and beach. Additionally, there is the option to sign up for an organised tour to get the best insight into the local region.

A visit to Phu Quoc is perfect place to stop for a few days on any Vietnam luxury tour. While the temperature is at its hottest in April-May and can reach 35° C and humidity at 80-85%, there are other great times to plan the visit. June or late October have great odds of reasonable weather and the stay will be a lot cheaper and less crowded.