Recommended restaurants in Phu Quoc

One of the many delights of travelling in Vietnam is the cuisine. Add to that a coastal location and it is certain that the seafood is as fresh as possible. Phu Quoc is just off the Cambodian coast in the South China Sea and best advice when visiting one of the island’s restaurants is to look at the seafood section first. The growth of tourist numbers is year on year; more and more overseas tourists are booking a Vietnam holiday. When you are discussing the things to do in Vietnam with a Vietnam travel agent, you are certain to be advised to enjoy the beaches and the food on offer after a busy day.

While Phu Quoc may not be as fertile as some parts of Vietnam, nevertheless there is excellent local fruit and vegetables to compliment the dishes.

recommended restaurants in phu quoc

Here are a few places to consider on Phu Quoc Island:

•    An Thai Café is part of a nationwide chain and on Phu Quoc it offers great value on Vietnamese cuisine, including seafood and western dishes. The views incidentally are excellent.

•    Gop Gio Restaurant is nearthe ferry and has rightly earned a reputation for its seafood with many authentic Vietnamese dishes.

•    Itaca Resto Lounge is Spanish owned, hence the tapas that is proving so popular with international travellers. It opens early evening every day except Monday.

•    Khanh Ly Vegetarian Restaurant is near the Cao Dai Temple and welcomes diners with a plate of rice who then select as many dishes as they want from a buffet.

•    La Caffe Deli sells mostly western cuisine in comfortable surroundings; situated in Tran Hung Dao Street, if you just want a sandwich and coffee then this is also a place for you.

•    Le Cap Breton Restaurant has French and Vietnamese cuisine as well as a great list of imported wines from France, Australia and Argentina. It opens early and closes late.

•    Neptune Seafood Restaurant & La Terrace BBQ has a lovely beach setting and a great menu with western and Vietnamese dishes.

•    The Pepper Tree at La Veranda Resort is on a terrace with great views across the sea. The French is French colonial and with fine wines available, this is a great place if you are on a Vietnam honeymoon vacation.

•    Tropicana Resort Restaurant on the beach 3 kilometres south of Duong Dong has a great outdoor terrace. It is a great place to watch a sunset with crab fried rice and lemongrass fish among its specialities.

•    Winston's Burgers & Beer serves imported beers and wines, fruit drinks and large burgers; it has become popular with locals and tourists alike.  

•    Vuon Tao Restaurant has rustic charm, ideal for eating fresh seafood, local fish sauce and fresh vegetables. It makes a local alcoholic brew made from the fruit of the myrtle tree.

•    Sakura Restaurant offers excellent seafood, often grilled, stir fries and other Vietnamese dishes.

•    On The Rocks Restaurant at Mango Bay Resort has a varied menu with food available throughout the day from 0630 in the morning. The local mackerel is especially recommended.