Places to Visit in Quang Binh

Quang Binh is a narrow province in the north central part of Vietnam. Its western boundary is Laos and the eastern one the sea.  It is known for its lovely white sandy beaches that every tourist on a Vietnam holiday is certain to enjoy. There is always time to relax on a Vietnam travel package and Quang Binh’s beaches offer a good opportunity for those heading up or down the Country. However, the highlights of Quang Binh are both natural and manmade.

•    Dong Hoi Citadel is a fortress that was built by the Emperor Ming Mang to help protect Hue, the Imperial Capital of the Nguyen Dynasty.  The Citadel itself was built in 1812 though it was redesigned a decade later into a star-shaped defence structure. Its perimeter is almost 2 kilometres and was effective in repelling the French in 1885. Years later, it played a role in the Vietnam-France War for independence. Today, it is a peaceful and much-visited landmark.

places to visit in quang binh

•    Nhat Le Beach is just a short distance from the Citadel. It is just one of the coastal areas that visitors will certainly enjoy during their Vietnam tour.

•    Son Doong Cave is the biggest cave in the world. It opens between February and August before closing because of the chance of flooding. It is 9 kilometres long with the largest chamber 150 metres high and 200 metres across. Some of the stalagmites are 70 metres tall but it is not just the scale of everything that is amazing; it’s the colours as well. It contains a river and plenty of vegetation that could be described as jungle. It was discovered in 1991 but not officially announced to the world until 2009.

•    Van La Underground Tunnel was built to defend the locals from Luong Ninh Village from bombing during the Vietnam War.  It provided effective shelter for up to 300 people. In 2006, its historical importance was recognised and it undertook full renovation.  

•    Phong Nha Cave has a length of 20 kilometres though not all of it has been fully explored. There is an underground river, Nam Aki, which floods during the rainy season so it is then closed to visitors. There are more than 20 caves with one of the ‘’halls’’ being 1,500 metres long. You can travel by boat around 800 metres before reaching a dry cave where the colourful stalactites and stalagmites continue to grow slowly.

•    Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park contains more than just the wonderful cavern. It is a limestone region of forests, caves and underground rivers. It is also rich in fauna including primates, antelopes and bear, and became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2003. Hang En Cave, regarded as the third largest cave in the world is in a remote part of the Park while Paradise Cave is regarded as the longest, just beating Phong Nha Cavern.

•    Bang Hot Springs could boil eggs so be careful. The water is great as therapy for many aliments. It contains several minerals, including calcium, and is bottled locally for treating a number of illnesses.

•    Nuoc Mooc is a stream that joins the Chay River flowing through the Park. It is shallow and visitors can wade through it enjoying the lovely flora and birdlife while walking along. It is a great place to relax and there are pools for swimming though swimmers need to take care as there are some sharp rocks.

Quang Binh as you can see has so much to offer. It is certainly worth inclusion in any Vietnam itinerary if you want to do some exploring.

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