Things to do in Quang Binh

Quang Binh is a sparsely populated province at the narrowest point in Vietnam. It is largely mountainous with caves, forests, rivers and streams. It is certainly one of the Provinces to consider on a Vietnam holiday if you enjoy getting away from the cities to experience the wonderful natural environment.

The Vietnamese are naturally friendly people and meeting the locals is one of the things that a good Vietnam travel agent will always try to include in every Vietnam tour itinerary. Quang Binh is certainly a region where tourists can meet the locals.

Its eastern border is the sea and western the boundary with Laos; in between there is plenty to do because it is a sparsely populated province with plenty of open spaces.

things to do in quang binh

•    The Caves are perhaps the top attraction? Son Doong Cave has only been found this century and it adds to a list of a number of impressive caves; it is the largest in the world while there are several others that demand attention. Phong Nha and En Caves are both stunning while Paradise Cave is the third largest in the world. All attract significant visitor numbers during the dry season. The chance of flooding closes these caves to visitors from September around to the new year. Explorers will take away wonderful memories of them all.

•    Hikers will love the Phong Nha – Ke Banh National Park for more than just its caves. The forests, fauna and fauna provide a great The Park is certainly popular but the numbers do not spoil the natural enjoyment of the region. You can walk in the shallow streams, try to catch a glimpse of primates, antelopes and even bears, and enjoy the huge variety of birdlife.

•    The Son River is nicknamed ‘’lipstick river’’ because during the rainy season it runs red due to the red silt it carries. It runs through the Park and out into the South China Sea with almost 8 kilometres of that underground. If you enjoy kayaking or boating in general, you will find plenty of opportunity to do that on the river, at times underground.

•    Quang Binh is a province for people who like the ‘’great outdoors.’’ Some walk but there are cycles for rent and plenty of advice on the trails to follow. You will be able to cycle to Phong Nha Cave for example. You may want to camp but if that is a step too far, you should look at spending a night with the locals. There are homestays and farmstays in the Bong Lai Valley that will help you get a better appreciation of daily life.

•    Nhat Le Beach is close to the town of Dong Hoi. There is a peninsula with coconut trees providing natural shade for those who enjoy swimming and sunbathing. You can also sail and even fish but if you don’t catch anything you can be certain of plenty of fresh seafood caught that day available in the restaurants in the evening.