Exploring Charming Beauty Of Tu Lan Cave

Exploring Charming Beauty Of Tu Lan Cave

Along with Paradise Cave, En Cave, Son Doong Cave, Tu Lan Cave with the amazing beauty of caves, limestone mountains, jungle, and waterfalls also has a significant contribution to Vietnam tourist attractions.

70 kilometers from Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, near the ethnic village of Tan Hoa, Tu Lan Cave system consists of more than 10 caves, which were discovered in 1992. Its dry entrance provides an outstanding view of the valley below and promises many adventures inside. A ladder leads to the floor of the cave, and from there the journey truly begins.

Explorers will have to trek through remote jungles, buffalo fields, corn fields surrounded by giant limestone mountains on all sides, and cross deep and cool underground rivers to enjoy the quiet atmosphere of beautiful lakes, green trees, and small waterfalls. The first cave on the horizon here is Hung Ton cave, accessed through its dry entrance.

After one day adventures, Tu Lan campsites are spectacular to take in. Limestone mountains breaking out of the ground and stunning waterfalls sending white bubbles across the surface of the water leave you special feelings. Comfortable hammocks set up among trees swing gently to put you to a sound sleep in the light breeze, under the canopy of trees and a blanket of stars in a moonlit sky.

In addition, the huge and breathtaking stalactites and stalagmites also make Tu Lan Cave system more majestic and beautiful. That’s why Tu Lan Cave is described as paradise on Earth by a lot of tourists.

With climbing, trekking, and swimming through underground rivers, and caves, the journey to Tu Lan will surely leave you unforgettable experiences in Vietnam holiday.