How to get there

How to get there

From Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city, you can get Quy Nhon by bus or plane.

About bus, distance Sai Gon-Quy Nhon is over 600km (400miles), takes about less than 14 hours. Hanoi-Quy Nhon is 1100km (690miles), takes about 20 hours if get by bus. You can consider few reputed bus firms:

- Hoang Long bus. In Sai Gon: Eastern bus station (Mien Dong bus station), 292 Dinh Bo Linh Binh Thanh – Ho Chi Minh City. Tel: +8482.2438.989. In Hanoi: 3 Nguyen Khoái – Hai Ba

- Trung Ha Noi, tel: +8443.987.7225

- Phuong Trang at Eastern bus station, tel: +848.3830.9309

- Sinh tourist (Sinh cafe). In Sai Gon: 246 De Tham street – district 1 – Ho Chi Minh city. Tel: +848.3838.9597. In Hanoi: 38 Ly Nam De – Hoan Kiem District – Hanoi. Tel: +849.8875.7689

About plane, you can fly from Hanoi or HCM city to Phu Cat airport, 30km (20miles) from Quy Nhon city. There’re VietnamAirline and VietjetAir have flights to Quy Nhon, you should sign up to receive emails on their websites to have promotion info.

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