Quy Nhon Beaches

Quy Nhon Beaches

The Beaches of Quy Nhon & Environs: People come to south central Viet Nam for its phenomenal beaches—golden sands, turquoise waters and tropical palms—and you won’t be disappointed by what you find in the area. But you do need to know where to go.

Quy Nhon City beaches, like in any developed area, can be categorized by degree of cleanliness which varies based on rain (street dirt and sewage running off into the ocean) and air and water temperatures.

In Quy Nhon itself, the best swimming beaches are by the Seagull Hotel and the Royal Resort at the southern end of town along the boulevard named An Dương Vương. These two are higher-priced hotels but cheaper accommodations can be had across the boulevard if you’re coming to town specifically for the beaches.

By the way, the rusted jeep left over from the American-Vietnam War that you may have read about in older guide books and on line has been removed—so don’t expect to see it.

The beaches further north in the city are also used by some residents for swimming but the water isn’t as clear and litter and feces are often spotted on the sand (and you don’t see dogs on the beach). The closer you get to fishing boats, the worse the water is for swimming. Dead rats are among the litter.

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