Best Bars & Pubs in Sapa

Tourist numbers are increasing year on year in Vietnam. You will find experienced Vietnam travel agents well able to devise a Vietnam tour itinerary that will give travellers a proper insight into the country. It’s great to be able to relax at the end of each day and reflect on what you have seen and done. That is especially the case in the rural areas though the choice of where to relax is limited. The whole point of the wonderful natural environment of Vietnam is that it is unspoilt. Sapa north of Hanoi in the highlands towards the Chinese border typifies this and is included in many Vietnam tour packages; it is certainly a region that has retained its natural charm. Ethnic tribes live largely as they have done for generations.

best bars pubs in sapa

Many tourists stay overnight in Sapa or even for two or three nights. As a result, there is demand for accommodation and leisure facilities. There is a limited number of bars and pubs where you can relax with a drink and talk about the day. Travellers often share experiences and if your itinerary is flexible, you may get new ideas for the next days.  

Here are five places in Sapa which you can try during your time in the Northern Highlands:

•    Sapa Spider Bar is a good place for a beer and some food. If you yearn for the latest sports news, you’ll get that here as well as some good music.

•    The Café in the Clouds is probably the best place for reflection. You can sit on the terrace and look across the valley. You may find it difficult to move on elsewhere and with wi-fi and food available, why should you?

•    Mountain Bar and Pub offers a lovely open fire on cold winter nights when you may fancy the warm apple wine.

•    Hmong Sisters offers good music, pool tables and of course a choice of alcoholic drinks.

•    Color Bar is similar with its table football fairly competitive. If you enjoy reggae music and a cold beer, this is the place for you.

Sapa provides a real experience, especially for those new to Asia. It is a place where you should make sure you enjoy every daylight hour so it may not be the place for late nights. However, you can get a drink and the chance to meet other travellers at night and the places above are ideas of where you should go to do that.

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