Best spas and massage in Sapa

There are few better ways to relax after a busy day than having a massage. Tourists who include Sapa in their Vietnam travel package will get the chance to trek in the lovely mountains and valleys of these Northern Highlands. You are likely to have an early start in order to make the most of every daylight hour. By the time the sunsets you might have walked a fair distance. Even experienced trekkers enjoy the moment that they take off their hiking boots; better still if there is the chance of a foot massage. Massage is an Asian tradition and Vietnam certainly embraces that tradition. Wherever you go during your Vietnam holiday package, you will get the opportunity to enjoy spa and massage facilities. In the case of Sapa, here are some places you can go:

best spas and massage in sapa

•    Sapa La Belle Spa is in the Legend Hotel in Ta Van Village. The equipment is modern and the staff well-trained, an ideal place to go at the end of the day.

•    Red Dao Spa Sapa in Ta Phin offers a lovely herbal bath; once you spend 20 minutes or more in the bath, you will be completely refreshed.

•    Victoria Sapa Resort Spa in Xuan Vien Street offers the chance to relax in lovely surroundings.

•    Dich Vu Massage is in Chau Long Sapa Hotel and its massage services regularly receive the ‘’thumbs up.’’

•    Black Rose Shop Spa & Massage is in Cau May Street offers a full body massage; it takes 90 minutes for the whole thing though foot and leg massages will possibly be all you want.

You must have at least one massage during your Vietnam tour package. It makes sense to have it in a place like Sapa as you will almost certainly have used up plenty of energy during the day.

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