Nightlife in Sapa

Let’s be honest! No one that includes Sapa on their Vietnam travel package expects that leg of their Vietnam holiday to include discos and late night clubs. The reason for going to Sapa is to see this wonderful highland region north of the Country’s capital, Hanoi and to meet the ethnic hill tribes. It is important to take advantage of all the daylight hours to trek and explore. When night falls, there is time to reflect on what you have seen that day, and look forward to what the following day will bring. You will certainly be able to relax, enjoy a meal and a drink but if there is a place to have an early night in Vietnam, Sapa may be that place.

nightlife in sapa

•    The Cafe in the Clouds has a large terrace from which you can look across the valley while enjoying a drink. The Bar is in Sapa Town, serves food and provides wi-fi as well.

•    Hmong Sisters is a bar known for its pool tables. It is reasonably priced and plays good music.

•    Mountain Bar & Pub has table football, cold beer and strong cocktails. There is a nice open fire for cold nights and warm apple wine as well.

•    Color Bar is owned by an artist from Hanoi. Reggae music, table football and great cold beer are features that attract customers walking up from Cat Cat Village at the end of the day.

•    Sapa Spider Bar has TV offering live sport and great music. There is food and plenty of choice of food.  

One thing is for certain. The people in these bars will have a common interest with you; the wish to enjoy the natural environment of Sapa and its surroundings. There will be plenty to talk about on this leg of your Vietnam tour.