Tra Su

The Green Paradise Of Vietnam
Tra Su Cajuput Forest is located 10 kilometers from Cambodia border, about 20 kilometers from Chau Doc Town in Van Giao Commune of An Giang Province belongs to the western region of Southern Vietnam. This specialized forest covers around 1,500 hectares connecting other places like Sam Mountain, Cam Mountain, Tuc Dup Hill and many other destinations. The green paradise is ideal for scientific and ecological tours.

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Sneak Peak
The Cambodian War destroyed Tra Su, and it became uncultivated area. But after the war, An Giang Province authorities invested in Cajuput reforestation. It builds a 4-meter high dike, 12 kilometers long with a 4-meter system that prevents the area from floods during rain. The primary purpose of this design is to make a scientific forest with natural reserve.  
The Province authorities have also upgraded and expanded the 3.4 km long stretch of Muong Tien Road for travelers visiting the forest.

Best Mode of Travel
This place can be traveled both by land and water. If going by foot, the traveler needs to spend the whole day in the forest. But to have unforgettable experience rowing boats, motorboats or dinghies are ideal options to explore the never-ending surprises. It saves time.

Travelers simply enjoy motorboat or dinghies as it wades through amazing emerald-green blankets of duckweed, surfacing on water. After about 30 minutes of motorboat ride, travelers take to rowing boat to explore flora and fauna of the forest.

What to see?
The best time to visit this forest is from September to November or before Tet that is Lunar New Year when water covers the whole area. For the convenience of tourists, the forest is divided into many segments such as a fishing area of 3,000-meter square, bat sanctuary of 2,500-meter square and bird sanctuary of 3200-meter square.

The lovely landscape of riverbanks and magical humming of birds and other insects and animals of forest truly gives it the name of enchanted forest. The high water season makes forest canal and streams dense with water ferns. When the sun sets the golden glow on green emerald duckweed-covering surface of water is the most awaited sight. During rainy season, much of water shall cover by water lilies and lotus cultivated by farmers.

Ornithologist's unique watchtower stands 10m high in the middle of the forest. It provides breathtaking view of greenery below with birds in the background of Cam Mountain. Even color of water looks different, from turquoise, silver, purple and amber caused by a variety of water creatures.

Some small farmhouses are irregularly built on high stilt above floodplains with a bamboo ceiling made of Cajuput trees. It provides a spectacular setting to the forest giving the tourists a glimpse into their simple lifestyle.

Locale best
Tra Su is home for Kh’mer and Kinh tribe practicing traditional handicrafts such as very famous silk weaving, brocade weaving, bee farming for honey, distilling essential oils of Cajuput, cooking Borassus flabellifer (Thot Not) sugar and many more.

The locale delicacies which tourists can have on the return trip at local restaurants are grilled snakehead fish, and vegetable, hot pot with marinated fish, chili and vegetables, etc.  

It is a rich habitat for different types of water birds, reptiles, and many endangered species. The forest has 70 species of birds, 20 different species of reptiles, 23 species of fishes, 5 types of amphibians, etc. Apart from the blissful moment, Tra Su Cajuput Forest bestows tranquility and peace, a rare phenomenon in today’s busy and artificial world, fill you with warm memories of natural beauties.

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