Three Layers Waterfall (Ba Tang)

Three Layers Waterfall (Ba Tang)

In Dak Nong province there are many waterfall such as Ba tang, Gialong, Trinh Nu, Dieuthanh waterfall, all of which have natural beaty, covered green forests. Of those waterfall, Ba tang is ideal place for bathing, picnicking, exploiting natural landscapes.

Three layers( Ba tang) waterfall is a beautiful landscape of Dak Nong province. It is approximately 8km from Gia Nghia town on the orient of Buon Ma Thuot. It is named Ba Tang (three layers) because the spring water flows through three layers of waterfall before coming to the main spring.

These three layers are linked 40m in length. The first layer is not so high. Water from the rocks fell down on 1.5m in hight. The height from the first to second layer is about 20m. Water in this layer are very pure and green to flow among the interposing rock blocks and coming down to let go the dazzling white bubbles. The last layer is the biggest waterfall, which is the main one of the group Ba Tang waterfall.

The main waterfall is about over 20m tall, it rumbling flows all day long in the middle of quiet landscape and flows to the two banks of the spring. The spring here is quite big with the high trees along two sides. Visitors with Vietnam travel guide would just enjoy the landscape in the height with the sounds of the water scheme. Standing in the underneath, the waterfall could be seen with the steam flying around which is like a fog around the waterfall.

Nearby the Ba Tang waterfall, there are lots of ancient trees and plain grass ground, which is suitable for camping trips and picnics. Along with Dieu Thanh waterfall, Ba Tang waterfall is the camping tourism place that is has much delight in the South of Daklak